A day in Kalmar

Kalmar square, near the cathedral. And a nice tourist from Germany.
Not far from our cottage is the city named Kalmar, by the Baltic Sea. This city was one of the most important cities in the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries, with the Kalmar Castle as a center, because of the fortified town. 

Husband with my red bag and a tiny shopping bag.
This is an old mound (wall) from the time Kalmar was fortified.
Today there are stores, restaurants and sight seeings in these places.
From the mound above you can walk to this bridge to the prison.
It was opened in 1852 and it is still in use, making it the oldest prison in Sweden.
Before this building was built, the prisoners were kept at the castle.
The castle in Kalmar, with the towers and cannons.
My daughter took this photo during the evening, before we went back to the cottage.
Some parts of the castle in sunset.
We had some food along and sat in the first inner yard,
eating and enjoying the surroundings.
There is so much to see at this city and we often take a trip here. Some places are given to visit for us, like the toy shop Paddington and the castle. The town has several exhibitions, mostly at the castle and every year they host a medieval folk festival. At the castle you can experience the history and the tales from many years back. As an example we have the Kalmar Bloodbath, on July 1505, when the public execution of the town's mayor, city councillors and a handfull or the leading burghers happened. This was a retaliation for assisting the Swedes in retaking the city of Kalmar from the Danes in 1503. 100 years later there was a war between Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It was a wild time, but today it is so much calmer. Just a nice industrial city with cold oceanic climate.

Csilla sitting in the grass at the castle.

Csilla and the rose. The castle has a little garden.
I had Csilla along and she was really great to work with and take photos. I took a bunch of photos of the city, of Csilla and these you can see some of at my Flickr. And I bought some materials for the room, for Csilla. We had a lovely day as a family and now we are at the cottage - gardening, swimming in the lake, enjoying the sun and reading books!


  1. Hi Niina,
    That was an interesting tour of Kalmar, I really enjoyed the photos and the one of Csilla by the wall is lovely. Thanks for sharing a little of your sunshine. :)

    1. Hello and thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed the little tour from Kalmar.

  2. You have so many interesting places close to you to visit! Such a rich history too. I love all your photos of the castle and of course of Csilla. She's so photogenic!

    1. Yes, there is. I have (even if it is old) a book with maps, sightseeings and different places to visit near and far. Then I have a little list of places I want to see, take photos (with or without a doll along) and then enjoy + share! It is like letting you all travel along! :)

      Csilla is really photogenic, I am so amazed! :D

    2. I doubt I would ever be able to go to those places so it's neat that I get to travel there in a sense through you.

      I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award.

    3. Thank you for this award! Will do it soon!
      I am happy to share and let you travel through me! :)

  3. Kalmar looks very pretty and has an interesting history. I love the look of the castle and how the sun is catching it in your photos.
    Thank you for sharing your day out with us Niina.

    1. Thank you! It is a beautiful town, one of my favorites. I am glad that you enjoyed this post! :) Hugs!

  4. Wow that place is amazing!! I bet it must have been wonderful to walk through it! And Csilla looks lovely. I really like the first photo of her <3

    1. Thanks, it really is an amazing place and there is so much to see in Kalmar - indoors and outdoors. We had a wonderful time! The first photo of Csilla is one of mine and my husband's fvaourites too. I borrowed his smart phone (takes better photos), so he looked through all the 'thousands and thousand' of dolls and had some favourites. :D

  5. Such an interesting history! And despite what it's used for, the bridge and prison are very impressive to see! I love your virtual tours that we all can enjoy :-). Csilla is lovely!

    1. Thank you! I am glad that you enjoy the virtual tours and I gladly share them. This town has a lot to offer, modern and historical, and there are several places that makes almost anything photogenic. That is why I usually take a doll or two along! The light on a sunny day is great. :) And the prison - I was a bit surprised that it is still in use, with prisoners!

  6. Thanks for the tour and history lesson! The photography was stunning. I think Csilla had a nice time too.

    1. Thanks and you're welcome, and I am glad that you liked the post. I think so too, that Csilla had a nice time!


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