Friday, May 24, 2019

Hairdorables: Kat

Late in March I took a trip to a new shopping market called "Eko:-". They have many markets and shops in many places and I have visited one before. This time I wanted to see what they have because I have heard several complains. But as usually, non of these complaints were true. It was a clean, a lovely place och the prices were cheaper compared to toy stores, art stores and other stores. 

Came home with a Disney Princess, Snow White and a Hairdorables, because I was a bit curious about these tiny dolls with big heads and lots of hair. Had seen some cute versions on the net and YouTube, so I hoped for one of those. But those blind packs can be surprises, both a happy one and a disappointment.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Simple box opening: Resinsoul Fei

Well, I took a plunge. Lately I have visited a site, similar to eBay, but a Swedish one. Put BJD in the search line, just in case and got a hit. There was a woman who had several BJD's for sale and one of these were a Resinsoul Fei. I started with visiting ResinSouls site, compared and calculated. She had even other ResinSoul dolls, but this Fei one just caught my eye. It was a doll she had for a time, but kept well in a box and in a drawer, protected from light. There were no bidding and excitement, just a 'buy now'-button. So I did that and made a payment to her and in just a couple of days from that a package arrived.

I have had her for a couple of weeks now and I am so pleased with her. She is really cute and I like the size she is. The clothes I have for my Narshas fit her well, so that is a big plus. She needs some re-stringing, as the seller even pointed out, but that is something I can do later on. She still stands well and the arms are ok to pose. 

She came in a well packaged box and with information, so that the post office would handle it carefully.

Cute stickers, a wig, the doll, a magic sponge and her dress, nicely packed.