Wednesday, August 21, 2019

And suddenly it happens...

I find my way back to the blog. Since last time it has been some intense months, but we are okay. I have taken some photos during my free and lazy days. So enjoy.

So here is Zipporah, in the early days at the cottage, enjoying the sun. Even if it was sunny, it was not so warm at all. 

There are a lot of mossy rocks, small and very large, around the cottage. Played a little bit. Had to balance Esmé a bit, so she would not just tip over in any direction.

Zipporah and Esmé

Here we have Mai. Her features make her perfect as a little elf in these woods we have around the cottage. 

Someone is curious about Mai. Who could that be? A tiny polar bear?

Some pretty girls talking about pine cones and other strange things in the woods.

Say hello to Bella, a gift from my daughters. There were a sale at the local toy store in the town where my mother-in-law lived. The store is closing, so the girls wanted to buy something for me. This one is so cute, compared to the one I bought. Smile and lips are better. Hair is so soft and so many fun props too. 

This is my daughter. She graduated in early June, we are so so so proud of her. It was a very hot day and I felt like I was melting away and getting a tan at the same time. And it was so crowded in the city with all the students and their parents, relatives, friends and some curious ones too. It was a lovely day!

In the beginning of August we had a friend from Portugal visiting us. She is our daughters' friend and she, as I and my oldest daughter enjoy art. At that time there was a exhibition at the castle in Kalmar so we drove there. This is "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. All his work and sayings were displayed as moving art and I was so mesmerized. One show is about 40 minutes and I could stand there forever. We all enjoyed it a lot, while hubby looked after our new family member.

Let me introduce to you our furbaby Bentley, a Golden Retriever puppy born on 16th April. This is him on the first day at our home. During dinner, he fell asleep. He was 8 weeks when we picked him up from the breeders and he is the smallest one in the litter. 

One of the first times on a walk in a leash. It was fun to run in the soft grass. He still enjoys the softness of grass and moss.

The roadtrip home and to the cottage went well. He really likes to go on a roadtrip and look out. So much to see. He has his own place and his own belt, so that he can travel safe. It is a jungle out there with the stuff you need for a dog, so we have been so glad for the people in the shops helping us and even the breeders. I have had a dog before, so have my husband, but it was so different back then.

Someone is sulking. He could not chew on me or come up into the bed, because it was time to go for a walk. He likes the walks as long as there is a ball along. Have been kicking and throwing balls, so the first days I felt in my arms and legs. Pinecones and pebbles work too as something to run after. We have been working with him a lot with this - running, coming back, retrieving and after that he sleeps like a baby. The circus tricks (as they call it here - sit, lay, paw, wait...) he have already learned. 

By the lake. He climbs up to every rock and the higher, the better.

The first visit at the vet as our doggy. He did well, even if he did not like the treat the doctor gave him. Talking about being picky! Otherwise he is happy to eat, so we give him his food during the day, in portions instead of all at once and then take it away after a while. Much easier to give him smaller portions during the day. Then we can control his health better too.

This is him today. He is still a puppy, easily forgotten because he is so big. My last dog was this size when he was an adult. So I am a bit confused. In a good way.

Hope that you are doing well. Will visit your blog soon! Any doll news? I have some, but more about that next time.