To sit on a calm evening, during the weekend – or on other days too – and surf on doll shop pages is something I like to do. It is always wonderful to see new dolls, get inspired when it comes to the fashion and different photo shoots and even tutorials. In the beginning of my interest I often looked at different pages and wished I could order a special doll.

One of my fave dolls are Amy with B-type make up or Lonnie (B-type) and even Bonnie (A-type) or Serca (A-type). I have not shopped from Iplehouse, at all, and mostly I have heard good reviews about the place – with quick service and nice people. So far I have been doing my shopping at Dollmore, and there I know what I get and what I can expect. I am more than pleased. From there I would not say no to a Narsha Girl – Encre Violette or a Mokashura Doll.

Right now I am just dreaming of a smaller (26 cm and down) doll. It will be interesting to see what I may find. I have even been thinking about a Blythe doll and I think it is only a matter of time before I breakdown and get one. There is something strange, but even cute, about these dolls with oversized heads and eyes. Creepy and at the same time aaaw, look at that cuteness.

Well, the future will let us know how things end up. Have a happy weekend!


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