A what...?

Noomi - a Dollmore Mokashura, my third doll.
- Hey, I collect BJD’s!

- You collect what?

That is the way it goes. And that is okay. I’m glad to share my strange hobby, an adult collecting dolls with ball joints. It is like humans, the dolls have joints as we do – knees, elbows, waist and so on. The dolls are very flexible and you can pose them in very lifelike ways. I have seen photos of dolls that look as humans at the first look. The BJD’s can sit and stand unaided and do not need a stand as other dolls like Barbie do.

And that is not all. You can design to your own wish, do or order a custom doll. With a BJD you can change not just the clothes and shoes but even their hair, body parts, face up, eyes, shape and so on. Only your imagination can stop you. Your doll can look as you want it, as an owner and there will not be another doll like yours. In the whole world.

Make a search on the internet after Ball Jointed Dolls or Asian Ball Jointed dolls and you can see the variety among these cuties. All from human like to vampires, trolls, baby dolls and much, much more.


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