Knitting, crocheting...

Zipporah in her new hat.
Testing yarn, measures and different types of knitting.
Today I have been trying to figure out how much yarn one need to make small and cute jumpers for BJD's and it has been fun. I have som trouble with my carpal tunnel syndrome and that can be rather painful. But knitting and working with yarn, fabrics and in one way playing with my dolls, makes me calm and relaxed. My mind is just here and now - all the other things that can trouble you over the day or in life, are gone for just that moment. I have even bought a new smaller sewing machine from IKEA. I have one older thingy, that my mother-in-law gave me some years ago. Well, I have two - one is at the cottage! You never know when you want to make something!

Hope that your new week started out well!


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