Big dolls! Or small ones?

Picture from Dollmore.
A Trinity doll and a Narsha doll.
When I ordered my first doll, a 35 cm tall Narsha from Dollmore, I thought that she was rather big for a doll compared to my early Barbies and Sindys. But during the time I have been interested in ball jointed dolls, I have learned the difference between small, normal and big sized dolls. 

So, my two - or maybe even my three dolls, are small. Narsha doll was designed in 2004 and have a rather "young" body. Or maybe I should say that she is in her early teenage. Anyway, she is just gorgeous and the Narsha doll is my favorite, just perfect. She is made by the korean artist Gu mi-jeong, who belongs to the Korea Ball Jointed Doll Association. 

Lately Dollmore have released several new dolls, big ones. It is a Trinity doll, 105 cm tall and with a weight around 7 kg. I have never owned a big doll, so I can not say what the good or bad sides are. My biggest doll is a Dollmore Mokashura, 40,5 cm, and she is like a little baby. It is okay to work with her - poses, clothes and so on, but the head can at times be rather heavy. I have even heard this about the Lusion doll (79-80 cm), that the head is heavy and the body at times can be hard to pose.

At the moment I am looking for a smaller doll, not higher than 25-26 cm. FairyLand has cute PukiFee dolls, that are small. A doll that size would be perfect to have in a small bag and carry around on trips and so. I am even looking for some dolls to learn how to do a face up. I thought that it would be best to learn on dolls like Monster high or Barbies.


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