I had plans....

Esther in her new short sleeved knitted jumper.
You know those days when you plan a thing and prepare for it and suddenly it is time to say good night, sleep tight? That was my day, not because of lots of unexpected matters came up, but because I have been feeling rather under the weather today. 

I woke up with a sore throat and I could not breath properly because my nose was all stuffed up. I have been blowing my nose almost the whole day. And that makes my nose sore, too. I freeze, I feel warm, I have a head ache and it feels that it gets worse every hour, even if I take medicine for it. I hope that I can sleep well and breathe too. I glad that my hubby bought nasal spray, because that helps. Hope to find a cough drop too. No luck so far. Forgot to ask him to buy it when he was at the pharmacy.

Well, I had plans to go through my dollie-stuff. Patterns, yarn, fabrics, clothes, wigs, shoes and so on. I had even plans to see if there is something I need and make an inventory list of some kind. But that did not happen.

Mostly I have been a zombie, a knitting one. And then I have watched some "24", season 6. And that is always something.

Have a great new week!


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