It must have been a crazy sight

Those who live close to me know that I have a crazy thing going on for dolls. It was a pleasure when the kids were small to go into the toy store, local or outside the small metropolis we live in. I remember as well when I bought our oldest daughter's first Bratz. They had not been around that long on the market when she wanted one. I remember also how I went to the shopping centre with my grumbling mother with me, who said it was too early and our daughter probably would not understand.

I found the doll, lucky me. Bought it, went home to rest of the family who were waiting at home with my father. In the living room the eldest daughter sat and played with the things she had picked a long for a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. When she saw me, the toy bag and what I lifted out, she shined like a star. It was one of her happiest moments and believe it or not, the doll is still alive, almost 10 years later. Bruised and shaggy head fastened with glue, but alive.

These dolls were criticized a lot considering how they reflected an unrealistic ideal, when it comes to how girls look or should look. Materialism the crowds shouted, while Bratz defended themself by saying that the girls were of different backgrounds, ethnicity and they were confident.

Ever After High.
Today it is the Monster High dolls which are on top. Our youngest daughter is overjoyed and has her own small collection of Draculauras and Frankie Steins. I probably shined as a star when I was using social media in the world (BJD, abjd, bjds as hashtags) and found these two beauties in the photo (above), Ever After High. Wanted to know more about them and hoped that they would be for sale near me. And they were. I visited the toy store at the shopping centre and took the first one I liked the most, Madeleine Hatter (Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter's daughter in this case) and when I saw that the store clerk took a pile of dolls and went away, my first reaction was:

"Oh my God, now they disappear!"

So I grabbed the Apple White too and said "she is coming too." My husband wondered if the dolls were being moved to another place in the store and the store clerk confirmed it and I replied "you can never be sure."

Yes, it must have been a crazy sight.


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