2 weeks later....

...and I am still sick. I can wake up in the middle of the night, surprised that I am coughing! That is the worst part being sick - the cough and the pain in the ears. In a way I am glad that all the symptoms one have for flu, do not come at the same time. But the good side would be, that it would be over much faster. Now it takes days and sometimes even weeks to get better. Last time I was this sick, my flu was kind enough to stay with me for 5 weeks. I was totally off. I had to plan my studies and work, my interest and other things to do again. One of the courses I took then I had to leave and take the next semester. It was too much to catch up. 

But even this will pass. And I am glad for that. I have been so tired too. When my hubby went for work I just crashed on the bed and did not know a thing for almost 3 hours. I woke up more tired and feel like a zombie....

Soon this day is over and a new one is on the way after a good night's sleep, I hope.


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