Monday, March 9, 2015

What do you mean?

One Bratz doll that I got from the kids.
It was hard to get rid of the ordinary hair.
I took some colored yarn and put in two straws in every hole.
When I see these well done face ups and hair-do's on the internet, I wonder what it would feel and look like if I just gave it a try. I did not want to buy a new doll and then mess it up, even if that was my first thought. So I asked the girls if I could get one of their dolls. They have not been playing with those for ages, even if the younger one collects Monster High Dolls - so I thought I had one doll in just seconds. It took a while. They did not really want to let one of their dolls go. I understand them and promised that I will do my best and they will get it back. When I joked that I will sell them, the oldest (!) daughter said:

-Sell them?? What do you mean with that? SELL them?

Well, that was not popular. Said that it will not happen. If I sell some, it will be my own dolls.

Hope that I will get the spray soon, so that I can start to do the face up. Poor thing do not see a thing.  

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