I am sitting in our kitchen and it is late evening over here in Sweden. It is silent and I thought I could post some lines here before I go to bed. It has been a gray day - cloudy and the solar eclipse just made it more darker. I did not see it, just felt the difference between dark and darker. And it has been raining almost the whole day. Until now. 


But as my mother-in-law says: "What has to come down, must come down".

It is like this over here. Snow when we are waiting for spring time and hard rain when we want to celebrate the Mid Summer Eve. So, we should not be surprised at all.

This weather did not make me want to go out to take photos, so I have been surfing the net. Found out that Dollmore are selling Blythe dolls. I was so happy about that! I have been drooling over those cute ones and even the tan Mokashura doll. So many dolls and so little time. I found my favorite one and two, though, when it comes to the Blythe dolls. On the Facebook site for Dolly Adoption, I have found many customized dolls especially Blythe. Cuteness for the eyes. 

I can hear the windy weather outside the kitchen window. It feels nice to be indoors. And now it is closing time so...



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