In our living room, Annabelle is making her moves
to try to be creepy. She is a very beautiful doll.
Before "The Conjuring" there was "Annabelle", says Warner Bros. True, I saw the movie "The Conjuring" and it was a creepy one and I am still feeling it down to my bones. It will not be a movie that I watch again, soon.

I have always been interested in ghost stories that have even a little bit of truth in them. So, I was intrigued by the movie "Annabelle". And then I just love dolls, so that combo was the best. I even like horror stories, so that was a plus. I have seen many of these horror stories and I am into those without the strange opening of doors, sounds, shadows and creepy faces that suddenly appear. I like those movies that slowly creeps you out and crawls under your skin, without you really knowing it. "Gone Girl", "El Orphanato" and in some way even "Silent Hill" are such movies.

Annabelle is not a typical really scary movie, it is a movie - well done though - but not so much of horror or creepy. I liked it but I felt that it lacked of the real drama. The doll alone was more creepier at some scenes than the scary scenes in the movie.

But, if you want to watch and learn about Annabelle this is the movie. Watch it and then you can watch the movie "The Conjuring". then you will feel and see the difference.


  1. A handful of the (Filipino I think...) collectors went to see it together with their dolls. DollStars, she posted some picks of their trip. I don't like such things. I like a different kind of scary movie, but that was awesome! :P

    1. What a great thing to do! My hubby do not like scary movies at all, but I enjoy it. :)


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