Sunday, March 22, 2015

In the beginning...

It begun here...
I was in our capitol, in Stockholm, on political events and we where on our way home when I took some time to visit a kind of 7eleven-store called Pressbyrån here. They had a very big section with newspapers and magazines of different kind. I walked around in this section and found a magazine about dolls. As I have been into dolls for a long time, since childhood, I thought that I could buy one and read about the hobby and what is new today. This was in 2006.

And I still have the magazine, in a very good condition, even if I have read in it for several times during the years. The magazine was more like a kick off and gave me an opportunity to visit the doll-sites that had advertising in it. I saved all the sites and started to visit them often, read about them, look at the dolls and how other collectors thought about the sites. Then I found my favorite place, Dollmore and started for my search after a doll. I even had Fairyland and Iplehouse on my list of favorite places. And so much cute dolls. And so little time. 

One of the first photos I took of her, 2011.
After 4 years of surfing, thinking, reading, wondering and having some kind of anxiety (do not wanna choose the wrong one and regret), I ended up here, at Dollmore and a Basic Sleepy Narsha. I made an order and started to wait. And wait. And wait. I almost got crazy of all the waiting and what a joy when she finally came home. She was and still are so beautiful. And it all felt right, she was the one.

My first ball jointed doll. Today she looks like this:

She is cute, even with that yellowish skin.


  1. What a neat backstory! I was the opposite, I just jumped in! I can't say that going through seven molds to find what I liked was bad either though. :P

    1. It is interesting how we find our way to this hobby. I think we take the way that suits us best. I have enjoyed every step, even if I have sometimes thought that it is too long between the new doll experience. I do not know how it would look here at home if I bought every doll I fell for! :D


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