One step forward

First lines
They can see, even if the world is rather skew.
I have made some progress. It is fun, but I do not feel that I really can handle the art of doing face ups and re-paints. My carpal tunnel syndrome makes it a little bit hard because after a while I loose the feeling in the hand and the hand start to shake. You can not see it but I can feel it, those small tiny movements that make it hard to keep the pencils steady. 

But shame on me if I give up. Practice makes a master. I have a long way to go and I am going to practice and some day I may even take on a ball jointed doll and do her face up from the start. Eyelashes and everything. 

I learn a lot by testing re-painting dolls. How the color, the pencils, the spray and so on works. Step by step I know what to avoid and what is right. And during that time it is all about having fun.


  1. It can be difficult, but rewarding if you get where you want to be with it. I know I wanted to give up. I learned fairly quickly though, and I had a lot of encouragement and inspiration. I know if can be painful too, I have arthritis, and it stinks. :P Good luck! Hope you stick with it!

    1. Thanks for your comment. :) It is true, very rewarding when you succeed and are pleased with the work you have done. I read a lot about re-painting, face-ups and there is lot of good things on the internet that can be almost like a "teacher". Sometimes I just want to give up, mostly for the pain. So far I have only take a longer break. Rome was not build on one day. :) And arthritis, gosh, not fun at all. My grandmother (mother's mother) had it too, very painful. Have a great weekend! Hope you enjoy your trip!


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