Some relaxing days

Flowers on the square in Karlshamn,
south Sweden, where my mother-in-law
The ordinary life is back again after a vacation for some days at my mother-in-law. She lives in South Sweden, so we have a 6 hour road trip to her and back home. It is like half of the country by car. 

The girls had their Easter vacation and my husband had som days of from work and the weather was just perfect. It could not be better then this. One of the days we visited my husband's aunt and uncle and checked the cottage too at the same time, to see that all was in good order. The cottage is placed in the middle of the forest, so even if his uncle and aunt are our eyes and the road is closed for those who do not live there, it is always great to have a look. I have reported some strange behavior on that road and it is not fun.

Well, anyway. Those sunny days gave me som energy and it was nice to see mother-in-law again. She is over 95-years old and still going strong even if she has some difficulties with her eyes and hearing. But she does not complain at all. The girls give her joy, my cooking gives her pleasant times at the dinner table and her son helps her with the heavy stuff. And we even watched some hockey on one of those days. I love hockey, but she said that it was in some way action free. She is funny.

At the lake nearby our cottage.
Apple White in the sun.
I took even the chance to enjoy my time at our nearby lake, not far from the cottage.  I sat there for a while, enjoyed the sun, took some photos of Apple White and other things over there. The girls took a walk from the lake to the cottage and hubby closed his eyes and let the sun warm his face. A well needed break.

Now it is just about 8 weeks before the girls have their last day at school and we start our summer vacation. Some will be spent at the cottage and some at mother-in-law. Then there will be some road trips too. 


  1. It can be difficult to get back to normal after a vacation. Dollies help! :D


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