Saturday, April 25, 2015

Out doors

Took all my dolls out doors at the same time as my hubby and I took a road trip nearby where we live. Then we drove around and searched for a place to stop and place all the dolls. I was so glad that I found a sunny spot with forest, flowers and even water. Took photos of all my dolls and you can see some of the photos on Flickr and Instagram. 

Borrowed one of the girls' doll and made her all new.
Apple White, with her new pretty face.
Then I have, finally finished the first of my tries on a doll repaint. She stood naked for a long time on my desk and I almost felt sorry for her. Decided that she can not stand like this, naked and with the head beside her. So, I found some fabric and made her a simple dress and a head band. Then I went out doors, on our backyard and took some photos. Some days later I finished the Ever After High repaint too and she tagged along with the other dolls. I am rather pleased with the outcome and now I just want to make som clothes to her, that suits her face. 

It is Saturday over here, but it feels like Sunday after a late night party. And I have not even been at a party. The allergies and the pills for the allergies can make me tired. So I am glad to have a calm day with nothing special going on. Later this evening we will watch the third movie about the Hobbit's adventures. Earlier today we watched a NHL game. The Swedish hockey games are over and that was something else. I'm glad that the Växjö Lakers won! It will be exiting to follow the rest of the NHL and Stanley Cup. My favorite teams Arizona Coyotes, LA Kings and Boston Bruins are not in the game anymore, so I follow Tampa Bay Lightning, Anaheim Ducks, Nashville Predators and Chicago Blackhawks. My husband follows Rangers and Red Wings. It is fun!

Well, time to make some dinner. Have a good weekend.


  1. I can't go out right now, especially with dollies. D: Too hot!!

    I like your faceups!! They look really natural, light and pretty!! It took me about four years into the hobby, before I even tried. :P

  2. Too rainy here today. I would love to re-paint a new doll, but I still wait for the perfect weather. The Swedish weather can not be trusted. I think I have to wait until late June. Thanks! It took me some time too before I tried and as I said to my hubby, I should just let go and paint. :)


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