Esther, my first doll.
A heart to you.
She came with a blonde wig.
You are my heart.

Esther, a funny little one.

1. What's your name? - Esther, as the Jewish queen in the Bible.
2. What's your nationality/ethnicity? - I'm a funny blend of Finnish and Swedish, spiced with cinnamon.
3. When where you born/how old are you? - Hey, a lady never reveals her age! But I was born when the full moon was high up in the sky and the wolf howled.
4. What's your race (human, demon etc)? - Human with angelic personality.
5. Are you single/taken and who is your partner? (If single, who is your crush?) - Single, no crush and lots of love for Zipporah.
6. Sexual orientation (if any)? - Giggle! *blushes
7. Favorite hobby? - To take a walk in the forest at late night and listen to the sounds in the nature.
8. Favorite food/drink? - Spicy foods! Oh so yummy! I'm hungry now! And I love sparkling water.
9. Do you have a job? - Being pretty? Nah, just joking! I need to study first, I have some years left
10. Favorite animal? - Dragons and lizards!

Basic info about the doll:

-From Dollmore
-Made by Gu mi-jeong
-Is seen as a tiny ball jointed doll with her 35 cm/14"
-Good things: Beautifully sculpted head, almost like an angel. Good balance. Can pose rather well.
-Bad things: Bending-knee-trouble. Short legs can make her fall on her butt (ouch). A little hole in her torso, when bending her in the middle. 


  1. She's super cute!! Hope you share more of her in the future

  2. She's so cute!! I love her eyes!! :D

    1. Thanks! :) In some positions she can look very tired, but I like that about her. Then I usually think: "oh well, I feel like you - dead tired!" :D


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