Buttons of childhood!

Cute as a button!
I remember the summers of my childhood, visiting my grandparents in their house, near the lake Saimaa, in Finland. The summers where warm, sunny and filled with trips to the lake and cozy hugs from my grandmother Aili (father's mother) and some fun mischief from grandfather Arvi (father's father). 

But I remember other things too. On the shelf to the fireplace, in the living room, my grandmother had an old tin jar filled with buttons. The tin jar was an old jar from the time she had coffee in it, but then she decided to have buttons in it and save the coffee in something new. This old jar with the lid with a knob was something special. Those buttons in it were a mix of new and old, with a history. From a blouse, a shirt, some pants or a skirt. Some just one of, others many. 

The other thing I remember is the fabrics I got from my grandmother's Edit (mother's mother) cousin Helli. She used to sew a lot and she gave me the 'left overs'. She gave me a scissor, thread and needle too. When we visited her in her little apartment, I usually sat in the hallway on the floor or in the open wardrobe, sewing by hand. I made clothes to my Barbie and Cindy doll. And of course I used the buttons I found in the jar. The dolls were always (well)dressed and cute as a button. 

All these loved ones passed away a long time ago (may they rest in peace), but they gave me the chance to do the things I like. And today I still like dolls, buttons and fabrics. I still sit and sew, but in more normal places.

And I would not change a thing.


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