Flowers in her hair

I'm sitting in our kitchen and have one window open. The wind is blowing hard out there and at some points it feels like it is tossing around the trees and plants. You can hear it. I do not mind the weather, it is rather cozy to be indoors and listen to the voice of the nature. But summer feels far, far away, though. 
Howleen, pretty a a summer's dream.
Apple White has flowers in her hair
There is a Swedish song called "Hon har blommor i sitt hår" - She has flowers in her hair. It is from 1990 and was a big hit then. The artist is Anders Glenmark and it seems like he is back on stage again after being with his family for a long time. Every summer or when it is Mid summer, I hum this song.  I like the song. And I like flowers in the hair.
Zipporah and big daisies!
So, when I was shopping in Örebro (the nearest and largest town around here) I bought some flowers to the dollies. Even some butterflies and birds. I think it is a simple way to give your dollies a summer look.
Naomi with a bird and a butterfly.
Over it is a fashion now to have flowers in your hair and even as necklaces, elastic headbands or bracelets. I bought a couple of bracelets and headbands, they are in the right size for my Dollmore Narsha girls and for my Monster high beauties. The butterflies and birds are clips, perfect for my bigger baby doll Noomi. 

And it is a very cheap way too. And if you have left-over-fabrics you can make some flowers. There are lots of DIY on Pinterest. 


  1. They look so great!


  2. They look so cute!! I love playing with flowers and such. x'3


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