It's a strange doll thing...?

Zipporah and a little piece of Esther.
For several years ago, there was a program on the Swedish TV called "Outsiders". This program showed lifestyles, destinies and even health issues of a different kind. In one of the episodes the viewer could meet a girl who collected Ball Jointed Dolls. She had some dolls, with personalities and she saw these dolls as her babies, as a part of her family. Her parents and her boyfriend saw nothing strange with this and sometimes they even had lunch or dinner together with one or two of her dolls.

This was nothing I reacted on, but I reacted on the fact that she and her dolls came up in a program called "Outsiders". Is this how people see us who collect dolls of any kind? Or have a different hobby? As an outsider? It would be interesting to know.

I do not feel like an outsider, my hobby - my interest, my passion, my girls, my dolls - call it what ever you want, is a part of me and makes me the one I am. In the Swedish forums after the episode the discussions where rather harsh. Words as "nerd", "crazy" and "odd" came up. At the doll forums they thought that the picture of a doll collector was wrongly twisted. 

So, no - it is a lovely thing, this doll thing. Keep up the hobby, boys and girls! Don't take - as they say - shit!


  1. Oh I think I've seen that episode, or at least something that sounds very similar!
    I think that nowadays anything that is somehow out of the ordinary gets deemed as outsider, whether it's the way you dress, what kind of hobby you have, anything at all. There are so many different ways to be in the BJD hobby, some in fact consider the dolls their "family", some just like to collect these as pretty objects, some enjoy the artistic possibilities and being able to create their own characters as dolls. People who are not familiar with a particular thing can easily deem all people as "weird" based on just one article/TV show etc. even if it might only show one point of view. Anyway, I think everyone has the right to be in the hobby the way they want :)

    BJD hobby has never made me feel like an outsider either, I could say the same as you - it's a part of me. People, both relatives and total strangers, are often curious about the dolls, first they may see it as weird but think it's a wonderful hobby after I explain what they're about. It's important to keep enjoying what you love, no matter other people think or say!

    1. I agree, when ever someone goes outside the frames, it is seen as strange and they will be placed among the outsiders. Much is, I think, based on that you do not know what it is about and mostly as you point out - it is shown from one point of view.

      Living in a small town as I do, makes it harder to stand out. Walking in jeans and a white t-shirt is nothing, but come in a kawaii out-fit and you can be sure to be pointed at and hear whispering. It is sad, but at the same time I think that it is brave from those who really do not mind showing who they are. Not matter what!

  2. I always thought the BJD hobby was a strange one, not in a bad way, just unusual, that's the right word and I don't think it's worth of a tv show like that were they usually get the weirdest of the weirdest and twisted for their selfish reasons. I remember once a local newspaper made an article about cosplayers and it really made cosplayers look like weirdos, when in reality they aren't. They twisted everything to their advantage.

    Other than that I really love this hobby, and most people in it are pretty normal. And I say most because there are people with problems in every hobby (like when someone obsessed with a videogame goes and kill someone using references of that game, that's what I call a crazy person, or the people sending threats to actors because they didn't like what a fictional character did).

    Also if that person wants tot reat their dolls as family well, she's not doing any harm to anyone and a tv program shouldn't come and ridicule her hobby like she was a circus freak and I don't understand why someone would accept be part of that.

    1. Often the tv-shows are twisted like that and we can all be sure of that if a doll collector made a show about BJD's it would be different. It is in the eye of the beholder.

      The people I have met or are in contact with, with the same hobby are pretty normal. As long as you do not harm anyone, there is no reason to treat us as something odd, as you write.

  3. I was introduced to BJD by my friend who owns around 8 of them. They're really cute but can be slightly creepy at times. I really love the baby dolls as they look so adorable!

    I don't think it's a weird hobby or that it should be considered being an outsider though. Everyone is free to take up their own hobbies and interests.

    Amy |

    1. I agree with you, Amy. Everyone should be able to freely have their hobbies and interests. In the beginning I was amazed that there is even boys and men with dolls and that they are amazing in making clothes and wigs. And that made me really excited and I had to show my hubby. He said that he would not have dolls as a hobby, but respect those who have it. And that is more the way to meet those with something you may see as different.

      Some dolls can be creepy, but there is something about those too, that make my heart beat a little more.

  4. Unfortunately, I have heard many negative stories about doll owners. I am happily with you though. I don't feel like an outsider, and my dolls often come out with us. :D My husband is really supportive, and my sisters know about my hobby. My mother and aunt used to collect Barbie dolls, and I feel connected to her since she passed. I think she would have loved them too.

    1. So true! We need to stick together and dispel the myth about doll collectors being odd. It's like any other hobby. It makes you the person you are. :D


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