Button on Flickr.
I was surfing around on the net for some time ago and looked at Blythe dolls. I have been wondering about if I should or should not have one in my doll family. I made some searches on Google and suddenly I saw a link to a site with Littlest Pet Shop and some small dolls that looked just like Blythe. Visited that site and seconds after I was calling for my youngest daughter to find the little doll she had in some of her boxes. A Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Doll!
There she is, among friends.
Some minutes later she came and gave me a tiny doll with messed up hair and no clothes. I decided to clean her up, brush her hair, cut it a little so it looked nice and made her some clothes. I asked nicely if I could keep her and the youngest daughter said that I could - and added "have fun". She even searched for the things that came with her.

She is tiny in a good way. Fits my pocket or my bag and I can almost anytime I want to have a doll along and take photos if something catches my eye, just like that. 

And she is cute as a button. Therefor I call her Button. 


  1. I used to have one too, but I gave it to my niece. They are really cute!! I wouldn't mind owning one again! :D

    1. They really are cute! I have been looking for these in the shops, but I have just found the new ones. I will see if they have some at some older toy stores or on the internet, like eBay.


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