Paint or not to paint......

Howleen, with a repaint by me (well, not the eyebrows)
I have been very amazed with the professional artist out there, who do face ups and repaints dolls. I have tried this on several dolls and started out with some of the girl's dolls. Then I bought some of my own, mostly Ever After High and Monster High dolls. 
Look, I found an angry octopus!
The Ever After High dolls can be rather frustrating with the flat face - it can be hard to get things right and look similar on both sides and there is a risk that all ends looking like an accident. Eyebrows is something I have trouble with and holding my hand steady. So mostly I try to do repaints when I am alone or when it is calm at home (every family member in their favorite corner, busy with stuff they like). 
Gosh, such a big and heavy teddy bear!
I have been watching videos on Youtube, mostly Nicolle's Dreams and Will Store. There is lot to learn and I am a happy learner. Even if I from time to time just want to give up. My hubby sees that I feel good and are happy with this hobby, so he supports me and gives me uplifting thoughts. I have always loved to paint, but mostly on paper or on tree. Well, mostly flat surface. So you can imagine when a face of a doll comes near and are far away from flat. Help!
That pink hair, love it!
I got a tip from Crystal, that I could practice eyebrows on paper - draw them and study how others do. Great advice. I would love to hear from you, what advice would you give me? Anything at all - materials, tricks, sculpts that are easy to work on, important things to think about and so on. At the moment I really like the sculpt that Monster High Doll Howleen has, easy to work with. I have a dream that one day do this on a resin doll. I can imagine that there is more to think about then, what is important and so. 

But I look forward to that. 


  1. Glad I could help. You're doing really well! Keep it up, I hope to see more!! :D

    1. I´m glad you could :) Practice is one key too and doing some mistakes. It is fun and I know that one thing I need to do is practice on having a steady hand and letting fantasy rule! :D


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