A little trip

Summer is on, but not the weather. It has been rather cold the last days and according to the weather forecast we have to wait some days before the warmth comes to us. But this is rather typical for the Swedish summer.

I'm at my mother-in-law, the TV is on, windows are open and I can feel the scent from the barbecue outdoors. Neighbors making some good food. It has been one of those sunny and calm days. I have been reading a Swedish book about a family who lost their mother and what can happens when the relatives meet after being a part for many years. 
One Direction at the stadium Ullevi.
Some days ago we went to Gothenburg and stayed at a hotel for some days. The girls had a One Direction concert with Early Entry Tickets. They wanted to be outside the stadium at 7 o'clock. They got good places in the first row at the concert and could almost touch Harry's toes. I and hubby went to the concert too after a day in the city. I have lived in Gothenburg since I was a baby, when my parents moved from Finland to Sweden, over 20 years. But as always, things change. Big cities are not for me now and it was too much people and too much stress. And not being healthy, made it much harder. But I came out fine from this experience and I am glad about that. Even if I am oh so tired.
For the dolls. And pearls I bought at a local store.
On that trip we even went to IKEA and I bought "HUSET" (The House) - sofa, table, bookshelf and a funny looking chair to my dolls. I will use the cardboard and cut out the windows, clock, mirror and frames and paint them so that I can use them too. The store had these in a nice display, but I could not find it - need to look for that later. 
My mother's grave.
We visited my mother's grave too. I a was a little sad for what I found. It felt that nobody had been there since I ordered winter flowers in late February. Those flowers were still there and everything around looked rather messy. I bought some new flowers, cleaned up a bit and have plans to make a visit in fall and buy some candles and decorations too.

Now I will continue to watch "Back to the Future" from 1985, it's on TV. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I feel you on the weather, it's been quite the same in Finland as well... I'm not a big fan of the warmest summer days though, so as long as it's not raining 24/7 I'm glad XD But hope you get some warmer days soon!

    That Ikea furniture set is so adorable, so many people in the hobby seem to have it! I really need to go to an Ikea too XD

    1. I'm not a big fan of the hot weather either. Sunshine, blue skies and a little soft breeze and around +22 degrees is the best. Too hot and I do not work, melt down and just want to sit in the lake. :D

      There are so much cute things at IKEA, I have the bed too and hope that they will get more furniture for dolls, suitable for BJD. The fabrics they have are great too....and the cute smaller stuffed animals. Hope you find something when you visit IKEA. :)

  2. I didn't know Ikea had anything like that! XD I have many shelves from there.

    It's hot here in AZ. ToT Send some cool vibes my way?

    1. IKEA has a lot of great things for dolls - and you can even use the shelves to create dollhouses or dioramas.

      Sending som cooler vibes to you - clouds and soft wind! :)


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