Noomi, ready for a dance.
Such a cute face with big eyes
My favorite photo of her, the sporty one.
A happy girl in her best element, in the
She came with a pink wig.
Chubby little face.
Let's dance!
Noomi, the cute and sporty one with a Nordic spice.

1. What's your name? -Noomi. The spelling is from the Swedish version of the Biblical character Naomi and stands for "pleasant", "agreeable" and "my sweet".
2. What's your nationality/ethnicity? -I am a sweet mix of Finnish, Swedish and Arctic Bramble.
3. When where you born/how old are you? -I am rather young, born at the sunset in the Northern landscape, near the water.
4. What's your race (human, demon etc)? -Just a human.  But I have heard that somewhere in my family there is a Nordic Goddess, Eir.
5. Are you single/taken and who is your partner? (If single, who is your crush?) -Too young for that, but I long for a sister.
6. Sexual orientation (if any)? -Cute boys, duh.
7. Favorite hobby? -Sporty things and nature.
8. Favorite food/drink? -Ice tea! Cucumber water. And many, like meatballs!
9. Do you have a job? -That was funny, no I don't.
10. Favorite animal? -Owl and octopus

Basic info about the doll:

-From Dollmore, a sister to their doll Lusion Dahlia.
-Is seen as a baby doll with her 40,5 cm/16"
-Good things: Beautifully sculpted head, big sweet eyes. Pretty hands and feet. Good thing with some special parts that make it easy to change her clothes.
-Bad things: Heavy head, can make her tumble around when posing.


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