Two dolls

As often as I can, I check the doll sites that I favor. Lately it has not been so much of that, because I have been at the cottage and at my mother-in-law. I have made som quick visits and found some cuties.
Most beautiful Catish Girl. Picture from Dollmore.
The first one that caught my eyes was a Dollmore Catish Girl Doll - kaleidoscopically : Dreaming Reaa, a doll limited to 20 editions world wide (of course, my luck). During my years in this hobby, I have not really been interested in dolls with animal character, but this one just hit me with her beauty. There is something with her soft face, with that orange hair and the sheer that glows from her. So, this little beauty is on my wish list.
Lucid, a Mokashura Boy. Picture from Dollmore.
The next one was not something I wanted when it was released at Dollmore, a Mokashura Boy -Lucid. He is pretty, but I have always had a thing for girl dolls. But my hubby thought he was just beautiful and told me that it would be a good addition to my collection. Well, a surprise there! Did not see that coming. I have been looking, reading and I have been thinking. This doll have grown on me and I really can se him as a part in my resin family. I have a Mokashura Girl Normal - Duyou (Noomi), so he could be a brother or maybe a boyfriend. Who knows. But he is on the list too, now.
It is Thursday, so a little trow back here.
Me sitting on a table, pausing from gardening.
My husband and his father (may he rest in peace)
on a visit at Loka Brunn.
Taken in the 90's-something.
Otherwise it has been a calm and nice summer. Most of the time we have been at the cottage or at my mother-in-law. I am there right now and we will be here for about a week, while my hubby is working. Hope that you are enjoying your summer!


  1. That boy would be perfect in your collection I think. He's really soft and sweet! :)

    1. I couldn't agree more! :) Hope to make that happen some day!


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