Just a little trip

August, the last summer month over here in Sweden. After this it is time to look for the cozy and warm clothes. So it is time to make the best of the sunny and warm days. A couple of days ago we took a trip to Kalmar and the island Öland, where the sun almost always shines. We had luck this day, because the sun was shining all day long. And the sky was blue. And the wind rather hard, but that is no surprise at the Swedish coast. We had a sightseeing tour and I had Esther with me. At every stop I took as many pictures I could, not so easy with the hard wind - had to be quick about it. Some photos are just a blur while others just are the total opposite.  It was a great day with the family and Esther. 
Esther in the wind, at the beach and then a wind mill.
At a burial ground, windy even there!
I really adore her pretty face and her mild colors pop out
in the daylight and sunshine.
At a wind mill in daylight and at the Kalmar Castle in evening
light, when the sun was setting.


  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like a really peaceful time.

    1. Thanks, it was a lovely trip - well needed!


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