A walk and a photo shoot in the forest

There is nothing more soothing for soul, mind and body to just walk in the forest and enjoy what ever you see, hear and smell. One step, one breath and then one photo. This interest of mine combined with the tendency to get lost - even in my own navel, can be rather hazardous. I have not feeling of directions or were is left and right, north and south. I can wander and easily get lost. And as proof, I say that I got lost in a small town called Hjo. I had to phone my husband and he had to guide me, so I found the place I had an appointment at. So embarrassing. 
Someone chopped onions with the ax.
Zipporah found Lingonberries.
Well, gladly I had my husband along when I took a walk in the nearby forest. He sat on a smaller pier and I could see him when I wandered of with Zipporah on my arm. He suggested that I could take one of the dolls with me, we could take a road trip (we just loove those road trips, yes) and we could have some nice hours in the nature. We had luck with the weather too - sunshine and rather warm. Today and for the rest of the week it will rain! Rain and rain and rain. But that is September. In a way I do not mind the rain and the darkness. I embrace it. 
Zipporah with Lingonberries on her head.
All those small roads in the forest,
just make me want to wander of.
Zipporah posing and enjoying her time.
I have picked up my sewing machine. I would love to get some time over for sewing new clothes for Esther, Zipporah and Noomi. Have to plan that and find some patterns. I managed to write a pattern for a knitted short sleeved jumper that I am pleased with. So much counting and measuring! I found some lovely yarn at the cottage, so I took that with me home. 
She is so cute, even without any hair. I am glad
that I could get here, as she is a LE.
The ordinary life has started. Kids at school and all such things. Hope that you have a marvelous start in this new month! Autumn is here!


  1. That's a gorgeous forest and your photos are all very pretty and calming. I also get lost easy nad have to get help to reach the places I need and it's a bit embarassing but I cannot understand maps and it's awful.
    Hope the rains aren't too strong and you have a lovely autumn!

    1. Thanks! I am glad that you like my photos. <3
      Who can read a map? :) I always have it up-side-down or in total wrong direction. And the apps in the phone do not make it easier.
      Today we have sunshine - even if they promised rain!! Hoped that the spray would come today with the mail, but no. Never thought that this hobby in some way would be weather-adjusted. Hehe! :D

  2. What a lovely place to explore!! Zipporah is really sweet and adorable! :D

    1. Thanks, Zipporah is a light and joy. The place is very popular during sunny and warm days - lots of families have their day out there. Schools usually have their days out there too - our kids have been there often. During an ordinary day it can be so calm and relaxing, just me, nature and dolls.


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