Autumn vacation.... over. Tomorrow is a normal Monday and a new week ahead. The girls had a week off from school and hubby had some days off from work, so we took a trip to mother-in-law and our cottage. I took along Fayanna and thought that if I have time and a chance, I can take some photos of her. She needed some fresh air, I think.
The lake and a sunset, so beautiful.
Hellou! Fayanna at the cottage!
The week was nice, sunny and the change of scenery was well needed for us all. Mother-in-law was really happy that we could come and she really enjoyed her days. She is born 1919 and it is amazing that she is in such a good health as she is. She lives alone but has home help several times a day. But when we are there, we all pitch in when ever it is needed. 
Many years ago we could sit here
and eat as we enjoyed the nature
Sun is setting and Fayanna
is ready for a walk in the woods
One day we took a trip to the cottage, to check things out and visit my husbands aunt and uncle. We had som "fika", as it is called in Swedish. It means to have coffee, tea or some other beverage with something good to eat like cake, sandwich and cookies. You eat, drink and talk. So we did that. It was nice and I think that we all got something great out of it.
Work in the woods.
My oldest daughter took this photo
Fayanna amazed by the magical woods
I took a walk from the lake to the cottage and took some photos while I was there. It is really beautiful in the fall. I really wanted to stay there, do some gardening and just enjoy the crisp air, the darkness, the stars...and listen to the workers in the woods. 

It was lovely to be back in South Sweden and enjoy the nature. It is so easy to take photos there, in some way. You always find the right light. And I think that Fayanna had lots to tell to the other dollies when she came home. 


  1. What a lovely place!!! Your photos of it are very pretty, makes me wanna go! :D
    I can't believe it's monday already hahaha I feel as tired as I was on friday XD

    Have a great week!

  2. Thank you so much! I really love it there and so do the rest of the family. It is like a waterhole, where we all can breathe and get more energy. It is near the ocean too, just around 30 minutes by car!
    Time goes by fast! Can not believe that it is already November! It is rather scary....
    Enjoy your week!

  3. Vau, näyttää siltä että Fayannalla on ollut mukavaa syksyisessä maisemassa, etenkin viimeinen kuva on kaunis. Ihana järvimaisema myös.

    1. Kiitos Xaya! Viikko oli ihana ja tarpeellinen, sai lisää energia! :) Ilta-auringossa oli rauhallista istua ja olla vain, minulla sekä Fayannalla.

  4. You live in such a beautiful place! :D I would be taking photos non stop there! Fayanna is super adorable too!

    1. Thank you! I love it there, it is so calm. In one way it is sad that it takes almost 6 hours by car to travel there from our ordinary home. In fall it is especially beautiful with all the colors, low sun and the glittery lake.


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