Black/White or Color?

Black and white
Color, with bright light

Are you one of those who have a deeper appreciation and understanding of color than most? Can you see colors in a more advanced and nuanced way - well, then (it is said) you are a lucky one. This indicates that you are highly abstract and are a creative thinker who is able to imagine and think through scenarios in a sophisticated way.

A more grayish Gooliope
Gooliope with her pinkish appearance

I have always liked the art classes when I went to school. As long as we had vibrant colors, brushes, acrylics and some water. When it came to kroki, drawing postures and the human body, I was totally off. I remember one time when our teacher took a chair, put it high on a table, sat on the chair and said to the class to sit around him and paint him. You must be kidding me! To fly without wings sounded much easier. 

My artistic side has its ups and downs. Right now it is mostly off - have not been painting in a very long time. Hope to do so soon. I have helped the kids with their projects in art class, nothing more.

Esther not so colorful

I got my first camera in the early 1980's. It was my grandmother's and I know nothing about to take photos. Since then I have been experimenting. And still do. When it comes to photography, I have been wondering about black and white photos compared to color. When I do a search on dolls (any kind) I mostly find photos in color. Bright colors, pastell, taken in daylight and with details. When you look at an image - a painting or a photo, what to you focus first on? Probably on the point of the greatest contrast, even when it comes to black-and-white art. I have learned that truly wonderful photos have a light and dark element that converge and there is great contrast in those photos or paintings. I enjoy both, black-and-white and color photos.
How do you think when you take photos of your dolls and/or paint?
Which do you prefer, color or black-and-white?


  1. This is an interesting subject! I personally like both color and black&white photos, though I try to leave the black&white shots for maybe more emotional stuff and mainly shoot in color. Black&white photos can look really pretty, especially if used in good situations and not overused.

    When it comes to color photos, I've noticed that I have moment when I enjoy natural, a bit desaturated photos while sometimes I enjoy bright colors and contrast. It might depend on my current mood and feelings :)

    1. Thanks! :)

      There is something with black-and-white photos and deep feelings - tears, anger and so on. I think that the feelings are highlighted in those photos. I watched "Top Model" once when they took close ups (the models had even vaseline in the face) in black-and-white and the results were amazing! Photos of the nature, with rain or storm, are powerful in black-and-white.

      But when it comes to dolls, I like the photos that are soft and in some way mild in colors. I would love to see more photos of dolls in black-and-white, though. Just to learn from others how they set the light, what to think about and so on.

  2. I studied graphic design so we had art classes with nude subjects and I was terrible at it. But I was pretty good drawing pots and fruits and the likes so I passed in the end thanks to those XD

    We also had photography classes, not digital but analog (is that the word? I think :o). Our photography lab was only equipped for b&w photography so we revealed and did all ourselves and all of our photos were done in b&w so you had to think about contrast much more than when you take color photos.

    I still love b&w photos but prefer color photos specially for dolls, in very few cases I think the b&w version is better. The best way to take good b&w photos is to plan them as b&w beforehand in my opinion.

    As for the examples you posted here I think the Gooliope looks better in b&w and the other 2 in color hehe :)

    As for my photos I try to take really illuminated photos, as I like the warm and happiness it brings me, but I fail miserably most of the time hehe. Practice makes perfect though!

    1. Oh my, I am so glad that my teacher had his clothes on! :D I can enjoy a good result from kroki, but that's it. Maybe something to learn in the future?

      My childhood friend's dad worked at a local newspaper and he had a photography lab that we could use from time to time. We mostly made black-and-white photos, just because it was cheaper to develop. Her dad could see the difference in a black-and-white photo and a color photo turned into black-and-white, just from the contrasts. I was amazed.

      I agree with you, Gooliope looks better in black-and-white! She is so much softer in that photo and her features pops out in a good way.

      Light, shadows and contrast make a big difference. And in a way a black-and-white photo makes your fantasy work - you think about the colors in the photo and wonder what they are...I do that often. :D

  3. I'm more of a color person, thought I do like b/w for some things. I know GeekistheColour has some very lovely b/w photos of her dolls.

    I enjoy being outdoors, however, even inside my photography is mostly about sharing the feelings that are surrounding me at the time.

    I enjoy your art, and I look forward to seeing more of it! :)

    1. Thanks Crystal!

      I had to go and visit GeekistheColour and see her black-and-white photos. Lovely. I liked the "Into the Light" a lot - it was soft and filled with feelings.

      At the moment I feel that the season for indoors photo are coming. But at the same time I would love to experience the snow, dolls and see what the light can do.

      First I need to see the rainy time pass by.


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