Recast or not to recast...?

My girls - Zipporah, Noomi and Esther, all from Dollmore.
Yesterday was the 22nd November, a day to show the support you have for BJD-artists. The world of Ball Jointed Dolls can in a way be seen divided in two camps - those who say no to recast and those who are recast-friendly. Just the information about different shops, sizes and molds can be a lot to handle in the beginning of the hobby, but then the question about recast comes along. When I started to read about the hobby and BJD's, I could see that some of the dolls I liked could be found for a lower price. That made me wonder and I made a search and stumbled over the word recast.

I will only buy dolls from legit companies. I mostly worry about the second-hand market and the dolls that are sold there. It is hard to see the difference because the dolls that are recast, are so well made.

Other thing that worries me is the hatred. On some sites the comments are harsh between the visitors and their opinions. I would not buy a recast, for my own reasons and one is that I support the BJD-artists and the work they put in the making of a new doll. But if you want to buy a recast, of some crazy reasons, you do so - as long as you know that you can get in some kind of trouble when trying to sell the doll on the second-hand market. This is where you should be honest with the buyers and let them know that it is a recast doll you are selling.

But just a tip - why not save a bit longer for the doll you really want and pay for good, honest and legit work?
What is your opinion when it comes to recast dolls?
Would you buy a recast?
Would you buy something else that was a copy? 


  1. I agree on the saving part!there are so many people saying they can't afford a legit doll, yet they have 5 recasts .-. .......
    I think some people are too extreme with their opinion on both sides and that's when the ugly things happen.
    I would never treat someone bad if they have a recast, but I don't have to like it.

    1. I am one of those who wants many dolls and I rather save and wait, if so even years. It feels better to own a legit one and after visiting different sites where they are recast-friendly and see how they motivate and argue for the good sides...well, so far I have not found anything that I can say is a good point or something that stick. It is all about money and they rather point their fingers at those who buy from legit companies and blame us to be thieves when we use our money on dolls instead of supporting the family, buying food and so on. I wondered how they came to this idea? It is rather sad.
      And as you wrote, I would never treat someone bad either if they have a recast, but I don't have to like it.

  2. In my opinion there just isn't a good reason to buy a recast :/ There are cheaper legit dolls for those who don't want to (or can't) spend so much money on a doll, there are ways to get limited dolls second-hand or as re-releases from the companies itself, some companies (like Impldoll) offer custom colors so you can get a doll in any color you want... Any reason that I see for buying recasts seems just like a bad excuse to me and hope these people would realize that themselves too, eventually.

    An important thing would be to spread awareness of recasts, not hate. While I don't appreciate people knowingly buying recasts, I wouldn't jump on people and start calling them names, as much as I don't like what they're doing and think they hurt the hobby. Especially if someone has bought a recast without knowing, I think they don't deserve to be hated for it, instead people should support them to the right path and tell how to avoid recasts in the future.

    1. As I wrote to Alejandra above, the motivations and arguments for buying a recast are not so good, so far. And you have a very good point in that we should spread awareness of recast and hope that those who buy recast really understand the harm it does for the real artists and the collectors. It should not be so much hate and pointing fingers as it is right now - all comes to money and "I'm-right-you're-wrong-discussions" in the end.
      In the beginning of my paths in this hobby, I watched many box openings for fun and to get point of views, doll sizes and so on. Came over a video where a guy opened a box with a doll from the second-hand market. He thought he had bought a legit doll, but got a recast. The anxiety and sadness showed all over his face and I felt for him. Poor thing. And this is why the second-hand market can be a bit "dangerous". And as you write, there are companies that have many dolls in different sizes, colors, limited and so on for lower prizes. That should really be a better way to go!
      I think it is a long way left to go but awareness is a good way to start and maybe not just one day/year....

  3. I don't think there is any good reason to buy recasts. I think it's lazy, and theft. I see no difference in this practice, or bootleg dvds or downloading music illegally. You should support the artist who created the work. Simple. Every hobby cost money. My computer, my bike, my camera. No good reason to buy a fake. I'm not really sweet as sugar. However, I am not one to put others down. I don't think I need to be nice about theft though. :P

    1. Hobbies cost, that is true and there is always other ways to take than recasts or copies. Ball jointed dolls can be found small and cheap or why not start out with another doll while saving? Like Monster High, Barbie, Blythe, Pullip or even Delilah? Nothing wrong there. The more I think and read about this - there is no reason to buy recasts.


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