Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bad hair day!

I think that I am not alone when it comes to the complications with wigs for your dolls. You think that you find a lovely one and after a while it really is not the one at all. I have been visiting sites to see what they offer, I have been making my own wigs for the dolls, I have re-rooted, I have gone mad and lost all hope and started all over again.
Noomi on the left with the wig she came with.
I have a short blond for her too, she looks cute in it.
To the right, the wig I am thinking about, from Dollmore.
When it comes to wig, I have never been so much into those long ones. Probably because of the maintaince those need. This makes it even harder to find a suitable wig, because of my own limitations. A long wig gives you as a doll owner a chance to make different kinds of hair styles and that way you can change the looks of the doll. But of course, duh, that is nothing I think of when I order wigs or start to make them. 
Gooliope with her high forehead. It looks higher in the photo,
than in real life. But anyway, bangs would do her good.
Thought of the wig from Dollmore.
At the moment I have my eyes on some wigs that I think would be nice on some of my dolls. One of these I thought would be great on Monster high doll Gooliope Jellington. That girl is so, so. so pink (at some point rather annoyingly pink) and she needs something to break that color. Someone who needs color is my Dollmore Mokashura Duyou doll Noomi. She is rather pale and a wig with two colors would be great. For my Dollmore Narsha dolls Esther and Zipporah - well…they have had their wigs for a long time and in one way I have got used to those. I know that the one doll, Ever After High Apple White, is the one with the best hair. Soft, curly, thick and in place.
Apple White, still without a top but with great hair.
Well, I think I will surf the wig net for some more and dream away. One day I may find the perfect ones.

When it comes to my ordinary life, even if my dolls are a part of that life, it has been mostly flu that have been visiting us. First the kids and then us adults. We are all fine now and feeling well, even if we are a bit tired after sore throats, fever, sneezing and ache. The bed was our best friend for several days and the kids stayed home from school. A new week is here and we look forward to that. The week after that, the oldest daughter will get her new glasses - her first ones. And I hope that those will work well for her. And she is turning sweet 16 too! Can not understand how fast time flies. 

They are my two cute babies, no matter how old they are!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. First about the wigs: I find it difficult to find wigs that are mostly shoulder length in natural colour or just a tad bit longer, like to shoulder blade long. I wish there would be more wigs like that with natural bangs instead of straight bangs or short styles without bangs. :D I'm planning to make few alpaca fiber wigs someday mysels, that might help me with my trouble about finding good length wigs!

    Sorry that you have flu coming over to your family. :P THat's just so annoying, we've had the same with me and my SO. I feel like I wasn't feeling good for last three months at least! I hope you guys are feeling better this week! ^^ How wonderful your daughter is soon 16! :D Children grow so fast.

    I hope you had wonderful Valentine's Day <3 :)

    1. Valentines was nice and calm with the family. Just what we all needed and on the top of that some good food!

      Making wigs will solve a lot, especially the searching and hunting. ;D Would like to test making alpaca wigs. So far I have used yarn or rests from other dolls' hair.

      New week, new hope! So far a good start! We could taste the food properly- no taste of newspaper! :D And the girls grow up so fast. 16 and the youngest will be 14 soon! Gosh, they were tiny babies not so long ago! :)

  2. I hate wigs, I mean they are nice and all but I always fall for the long ones and those are too much work. That's why most of my dolls end up with short hair and then I sell the long ones XD

    But since a new msd girl is on layaway, I ordered long hair wigs for her (not super long though) so I will try to learn more about wigs this time and maybe I won't get tired of them haha. I also have the hardest time setting on a wig for a particular doll.

    Doing your own wigs would be great too! You can then make exactly what you want. As for me, I don't think I'll try making one, there;s so many other things I want to learn first. I thought about getting custom wigs for a moment, but prices are quite high for the nice ones.

    I'm glad you and your family are better now. Hope this week is amazing for you and your family~

    Are you doing something special for the sweet 16 of your daughter? it sounds like fun!

    1. Haha, I know the feeling! Sometimes, when I change wigs on my dolls, I think that they should go bald and be like that. When it comes to Noomi, my babydoll, she looks adorable without a wig with that big bald and smooth head of hers! :D And now I am in the between, with the shoulder long (or short) wigs.

      At the same time, the long wigs are so beautiful. So what to do? o_O I have been thinking about some alpaca custom wigs too. It would be lovely to be able to order one and really make it a custom and personal for the doll. I have been even looking for materials to try out myself to make one.

      We are gladly doing better, even if I am a bit tired. The rest of the family are doing well! I hope to be able to sleep some extra during the weekend to catch up on my sleep.

      Our daughter have been thinking what she would love to do. So far it has been getting two big balloons with the numbers 1 and 6. Then she talked about a small trip, to experience something fun. Gladly she has her winter vacation that week, so we can do lots of fun! She is not so much of a party girl, more of a museum, zoo, amusement park kind of girl. :)

    2. A bday trip sounds like super fun!! lucky girl to have vacations that week :D!!! I'm sure anythign you do will be super awesome~

    3. We all like road trips and especially on a birthday. :D She gets that from her grandmother (my mother in law)!

  3. I know what you mean with wig problems D: It can be such a game trying to find the right one.

    Congrats on your daughter's 16 year birthday :)

    1. It really is a game and I hope that I will win that game some day and find the perfect ones! ;D
      Thanks Nikki, we hope for a lovely day on her birthday! :)

  4. I have so much trouble with wigs. ;3; If it's not the color, it's the size. I love the wigs I've gotten too, so it stinks if you get something wrong.

    The flu just passed through our house too. I'm feeling much better, bit it stinks! Hope you can have some hot soups and warm hugs!!

    1. So true, there is always something good and bad with the wigs. Often I think that I will save the wig for the next doll, maybe it will work well on her. And when the next doll comes....I do the same thing again. :D

      Hubby is still under the weather. Feverish and coughing. Hot soups, warm hugs and some sleep will help a lot!


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