Somehow vintage
I often have dreams during the night. Some I do not remember in the morning, some I do not want to remember and then there are those dreams that just makes me want to go back. 
My town
In our little town there is a shop, nearby the town square, that sell old vintage stuff. I have been there many times and bought home nice things, mostly to the kitchen.

In my dream I found a place like that, with three floors, in an old house and in a beautiful town. It was sunny, warm and the wind had a softness I had never felt. I entered the store and I was mind blown. On every floor there were rooms with different items for sale, with different themes. Christmas, winter, clothes and shoes, lamps and furniture, toys, cards and other lovely stuff.

I stepped into this old house, from the sunny weather outdoors. I felt the difference between the warmth and the more soft cold breeze in the house, from the fans placed here and there. I walked on the first floor, looked at the tiny Saint Nicholas', the old vintage Christmas cards and decorations. I felt the fabric walking by an old vintage dress and wanted to try the black shoes matched with the dress. I went upstairs and saw the beautiful chandeliers and cabinets. 

And when I almost reached the room with toys - dolls, cars, trains and other antique beauties, my alarm went off. Of course! I really wanted to see all those toys and maybe buy something, even if it just was a dream.


  1. What a nice dream!!! I once dreamt I was in a BJD store and it was awesome haha, but nothing as elaborated and pretty as your dream.

    Lovely photos, your town seems like a wonderful place to live

    1. Thanks, I really liked this dream even if I did not make it to the toys. And I am just waiting for a dream with lots of BJD or Monster High dolls. That would be something! :D
      Our town is a little one, nearby a lake and with a lot of forests around. You can say that it is almost like living in the country, with a city in the middle of it all. I moved here in the middle of the 90's and it was totally different compared to Gothenburg, a big city at the west coast of Sweden. It is nice and calm here!

  2. Such a romantic dream~ I think it's unfortunate that the best dreams always seem to end right before you get to the most interesting part! :O

    1. Hi Irene and welcome to my blog, nice to see you!
      Yes, it is amazingly always so - when the best part is coming in a dream, something wakes you up! :) Well, I have the good feeling left and the imagination of what I could have found there, in that room with toys.

  3. It's a bit harder to find places like that here. Though we do have a few. I wish my dreams were nice like that. I am always seeming to run from something in my dream. When I do dream of shops, I never want to wake up! XD

    1. For a small town as mine, I'm happy to have some antique boutiques to visit. In the bigger cities there are always more, so those trips are fun.
      Dreams can be strange, this one was a nice one without big spiders, millions of strange animals or happenings. So I'm glad about that! :)


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