50Q BJD meme

It is a lazy Sunday over here and I have some food in the oven. This gives me a little time to answer some questions, well why not 50 of them! I found this meme at Fantasywoods and you can even find it at TheResinCrew and ResinRomance. I was not tagged, but I wanted to do this because it felt like a good idea. If you want to do it, go ahead and then leave a comment so others can find you and read your thoughts. I will not tag anyone this time.

So, here we go! You may need a cup of coffee, tea or maybe some other favorite beverage and some snacks!

1. Have your tastes changed in sculpts over the years?
No, not really. I still like the softer sculpts and from the same artist. But I have become more open to new things, different sculpts and other artists.

2. Do you have pre-made characters for the dolls that you get home which must fit a certain description, or, do you get them home and let inspiration hit?
I let my inspiration hit. But sometimes I can see a doll on a site and boom, there is a story.

3. What do you do when you get hooked on a particular sculpt and want it home right here, right now but can’t as you have to save or some other reason?
Cry inside! And then I add that sculpt to my wishlist and if the feeling is still there when magic happens and money comes in, then I order.

4. How many dolls are too many to you personally?
I don’t think there is a limit as long as you have the room for the dolls, take good care of them all, connect well with them all and feel happy having them.

5. What are your thoughts on dolls with already pre-existing characters from movies/books/cartoons/etc.?
It is a good way for the collectors who like dolls that are already with a character. And if you have the inspiration, you can always add on, make some changes and make it your own.

6. Acrylic, glass or urethane? And why?
This is crazy, but I have never thought of this. The dolls I have, have the eyes they came with and I have never changed, because I asked to get specific eyes or liked the eyes a LE doll came with. Zipporah has glass eyes, Esther has acrylic and so does Noomi. The difference I see between there eyes is that the glass eyes really love dust and can gather those tiny particles. I have a little brush I use, but sometimes even that does not help.

7. How much does yellowing bother you? What is acceptable before you want something done to liven up that old yellow resin skin?
I have been wondering about this. In some moments (specific lights and so on) my first doll that I have had since 5 years, look rather yellow and I wonder if I should do something about that. But I always end up in the same answer. No, I do not want to do anything about that. It is a piece of her personality and it is okay. At this moment I need to highlight her features a bit with more colorful wigs and clothes, otherwise she can look rather colorless. 

8. What are your thoughts on anthro BJDs vs actual animal BJDs?
As long as the dolls do not have more than two legs. I am okay with the face, legs and arms being based on animals when it comes to anthro BJDs and if the animal BJDs look like a dog, cat or something else based on the real nature, it works for me. But a doll with eight legs symbolizing a spider….yikes.

9. How small is too small? How tall is too tall? Or does height even matter to you?
Height does matter. One reason is rather strange - medical. Can not handle too big and heavy things without my hands giving in because of carpal tunnel syndrome. I drop things easily and would not want to do that, with a doll. My Narsha dolls are 35 cm and my Mokashura is 40,5 cm. I can think myself owning dolls up to 45 cm. And the dolls can be tiny - I adore tiny.

10. Do you talk with your resin buddies while painting them, dressing them, just because?
Absolutely! Or is it just me talking to myself, who knows? It is something that comes naturally. And without any ”baby-voice”. Rest of the family get a good laugh, but filled with love. 

11. Do you have a doll you love but will probably never have because finances or impossible to get?
Several dolls can end up on this list. Mostly because they are too big or sold out. A couple of these dolls are Dollmore Lusion - like this one or this cutie. For her I already have a story and personality. 

12. Do you have a favorite clothing company where you go and buy clothing and/or shoes from?
So far I have only bought or got shoes/clothes as gifts from the same place I ordered my dolls from or bought from a local toy store. 

13. Your favourite pair of shoes you ever got home? Picture please!
Noomi's shoes. She has a red pair too, without a bow.
It must be Noomis white cute shoes and her sneakers. Both are sold out at the moment.

14. Favourite accessory and, again, picture!
Some accessories - pebbles, ribbon, Sony Angel....
Those simple things. A pine cone, a pebble, a flower, a ribbon, a soft toy or just a cute hat.

15. How many times have you had to redo a face-up in a day?
I have only repainted MH-dolls and those - depending on the day - I can do one a day. Sometimes I have wiped a face up/repaint, started again and worked through the night. 

16. Ever sat screaming and cursing at your sewing machine? Or even if you’ve sown something by hand? Tell us a bit about one of those silly outbursts!
”Oh, for the love of God! What is wrong with you!” If you hear me say that and you are a sewing machine, computer, needle, fabric or something like that - it is better to run or start to work as I want. My Finnish temper can have something to do with that, too.

17. In the past year have you had to find homes for some of your resin buddies?
No, my buddies are all at home, with me.

18. Have you ever made any miniature furniture of any kind or do you prefer to buy it?
I often try to use what I have at home. I have bought some tiny furniture from IKEA and have some tiny furniture from the doll house I have.

19. What would you do if one of your dolls went green or banana yellow? Would you try and salvage the damage somehow by mods and the like, or would you reinvent their character?
Oh my. Started to laugh. Esther, the banana yellow princess and her dear friend Zipporah, green as a leaf. I think that I would reinvent their character and dress up them in someway, so that they yellow and green color would be something they can own. 

20. Ever got two dolls or more home in a year?
No, I got my dolls with a year apart. 

21. Are there a certain theme going style/face-up/accessory/other wise? Or are they all fairly different from one another?
The three BJDs I have, have the default face up. It is soft and nothing too much. The MH and EAH I have, have more different face ups. 

22. How much is too much to pay for a doll/how little is too little? And why?
Too much and too little is mostly individual, I think. You have your own limits and for me there is no limit when it comes to too little, but too much….I have my hurting point around 1000USD. But as always, it depends on the doll. And if one can do a layaway.

23. Do you do mods? Show us some of your work! Would you do them on rare/limited sculpts?
No, but I would love to try. Maybe start with an easy one done with Fimo clay or something.

24. Do you prefer getting dolls home blank so that you can do your own face-up, or, do you prefer to have the company paint them for you?
So far my dolls have the company’s face up. Have plans to someday get a doll that is clean, so I can do the face up, wig and clothes. 

25. Do you keep up with the various companies releases, events and the like?
I try to. I have some notices from a couple of companies, but not so much as I want to. 

26. Ever hated having to cover up a body with clothing because the sculpting was absolutely divine and you’d rather just be able to watch all that naked glory for all time?
Haha! I like the dolls both ways….but mostly I adore them naked and without a wig….

27. What is your favourite wig brand?
The wigs I have are from the same company as the dolls, I have nothing to compare to.

28. How many pairs of shoes do you own for your dolls?
Totally they have around 3 pair, each.

29. How many wigs do you have for your dolls?
Two each.

30. Do you have a favorite set of clothing? Do you own it? And if, picture please!
Legenddoll has some cute outfits. Pink, fluffy, with lace and cute hats. Nothing I own, sadly.

31. Do you have a favourite outfit you’ve made yourself?
Tilda-fabric and pattern. Esther's first handmade outfit.
Pink socks (even those handmade) and black shoes not in picture.
It must be the first dress I made Esther. For being the first thing I ever made for a BJD, I am happy with the outcome.

32. Ever commissioned someone? And what for?
No, have not.

33. How many pair of eyes do you have, spare and in use combined?
3 pair, in use.

34. Ever called in sick because of an incoming package?
Haha, not me - but the hair, when I opened the door. All over the place.
No, but had an early morning package arriving one day. Was not prepared, but wanted to have it - so I had to open the door in my PJs and my hair looking like Madam Mim’s. The man from the post office said he was sorry, but I was just happy to receive Zipporah!

35. What have been you longest wait? And the shortest?
Waiting for Esther, three long months. Noomi came home in a very short time.

36. Do you prefer shooting single shots or group pictures?
Mostly single, easier. Zipporah and Esther work nicely together, though. 

37. Do you prefer male or female dolls?
Female. Looking forward to coming out of that box, hopefully this year, and order a boy doll.

38. Ever had that one piece of accessory you could never quite find and are still searching for years later?
I am always looking for accessories or props, but nothing special. Keep my mind and eyes open, you never know what you find when you are shopping.

39. Ever had trouble settling for a sculpt for a given character and had to buy multiple sculpts home before finding that perfect one?

40. Do you keep a journal in where you write all of your doll related ideas and plans even if they wont always come to fruition?
No, but that is a good idea. I have a little note book where I draw clothes and write down patterns.

41. Ever shot some naughty naked/nude pictures? If not, why?
Not naughty, but nude. Sensual is better. Do not find the meaning to take naughty photos.

42. What are the longest time you’ve had a layaway running? If you’ve never done one, why are you refraining from making use of this service?
Layaway is a wonderful thing, but I have never had any use of it because I saved up first. 

43. Do you mind not being able finding a whole lot of pictures of a given sculpt you want home or do you like it’s exclusivity?
I want to see so many pictures as possible. On the doll site, by other owners and I want to know it all. I will search until I think I have enough information and that I feel happy with my decision. 

44. Are you more of a share all the pictures type of person or more of a keeping them all to yourself and only share a select few?
I want to share it all! But I look out for not making my gallery too repetitive. And that is why I choose just maximum 3.

45. How good are you at sticking to your plans if, say, you told yourself you only were to bring home one more this year and then go on a break?
I keep my plans when it comes to BJDs, but when it comes to MH or EAH, I can not keep my fingers still. Need to have, need to wipe of the paint, need to repaint….! So much fun!

46. What doll body is your favourite?
Narsha, at the moment. But I like the body that Dollmore Catish has, too.

47. Who in your resin crew has gone through the biggest transformation since arrival?
I want to write me, myself and I. But there is a point in this. My dolls are the same and they have not changed so much, but I feel that I have changed in the way I look at this hobby, the dolls out there and what you can do within the hobby. 

48. Do you pamper some more than others?
Sch, do not tell - but yes. I have a favorite in Esther and my OOAK Ever After High Apple White. 

49. Ever bought something (dolls, clothing, accessories) that looked amazing in the pictures but turned out to be nothing like it upon arrival?
Thinking…no, not really. 

50. What are your continued plans for this year?
Try to finish all my MH and EAH - clothes, hair and shoes. Maybe do some of the repaints all over again. Hopefully buy a boy Mokashura doll. Otherwise, try to make clothes for all the dolls, some new stuff. Nothing big, rather calm this year.

Hope you had a lovely read and I wish you a wonderful Sunday and an amazing week ahead! Make the best of it!


  1. This was a great read and I loved your answers!! We are very similar in some things and very different in others and that is great :D

    I love the feeling I get when I see a doll and all these ideas start to come to me. It makes the journey so much fun! But it's also great when you build the ideas after arrival.

    Loved your answer for question 47 ~

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, I had a lot of fun with this one, even if I in the beginning thought that there were too many of those questions. But they were well written and interesting. I was rather surprised by my own answer for question 47. Learned a lot from that.

      Have a wonderful new week!

  2. Oh Niina this was a fabulous read. Totally relate to the sewing rage! I also loved your answer to the banana yellow and leaf green. :) I think reinventing their characters to suilt their colour is a perfect way to deal with the resin change.

    1. Thanks Xanadu! <3 Esther would be a lovely banana yellow queen, shining like the sun with happiness. :) So, on a good way to reinventing here!
      Sunny greetings and hugs!

  3. So great to read your answers to the meme :D
    Compared to me, you are a really relaxed collector. Not a huge collection/family and not much buying and selling. I should learn some from you ;)
    Good luck with your plans!

    1. Thank you so much! :) Nice to be seen as a relaxed collector, because I sometimes feel like I am all over the place, wanting to make orders, looking for heads and so on. ;D
      I look forward to this year and hope it is a good one, in all the ways!

  4. Ohh! I didn't know you did this one too! Fun reading your answers. My hair is always the same! XD

    1. Thanks! I have such a wild and thin hair. In the morning it really is a mess ;D


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