Spring time

When I logged into Facebook one evening, I saw that several of my friends had a painted picture as a profile photo. It looked like a famous painter had done it, so I had to find out more.

Noomi in her blond wig and an painting by Claude Monet
(Woman with a parasol, 1875) combined.
A photo of Noomi, combined with an Picasso
inspired painting.
Esther and Zipporah, combined with the
Swedish artist Carl Larsson and his painting
"Till en liten vira" from 1901.
There is an page and an app called deepart, that helps you to make your pictures to artsy masterpieces. I had to try, so I took some of my photos on my dolls and combined these with some of my favorite artists. I do not know what to say about the result, but it was a joy to try it out. It is a new way to express ones art in an easy way, especially if you are not so good at painting. I’m an amateur, but it even gave me some ideas for my own artsy hobby. Hope to have time to test my brushes, pens and colors later when it gets more sunnier and warmer.

The Youth Choir, with their roses.
When I sit and write this, it is early morning over here in Sweden. The sun is on its way up, the kids are trying to wake up and I am preparing breakfast. It seems to be that a good day is on the way. The Easter is on its way too and Spring is getting closer. Yesterday evening we went to the church and listened to the youth choir sing songs like ”Amazing Grace”, ”Outlaws”, ”You raise me up” and other beautiful songs. There was even a visitor from Syria and he played on his oud. It sounded exotic, different and wonderful.

I wish you a wonderful day and a great new week!


  1. What an interesting idea, I especially like the third picture! It seems a perfect combination of painting and photo!

    Hope you have a lovely week too~!

    1. Thanks!

      The third one is the first one I made and I picked two photos/pictures with a deeper color. The other two have a more pale palette. I think that I will try this app/homepage again, sometime soon. :)

  2. Ohh that's a cool app!!!

    Never listened to a church choir, rhough I went to church a lot when I wa sa kid, but I don't think it is common for a small church to have a choir. Not here at least. It must be nice~

    Hope you hav e agreat week!!! Here autumn started and I'm not so happy about it XD

    1. It was really fun, even if the results took a while to get.

      Our church is one of three in our parish and the biggest one. Our girls have been in the choir (first kids and now youth) for many years. We even have a bigger choir, a chamber choir. But this choir just visit the church at bigger events like holidays and other celebrations.

      Autumn! I love Autumn! But spring is not so bad either. if I do not think about the bugs, spiders, allergies and so on. It is still cold here and it may come snow too. But in a couple of weeks I hope there will be warmer days. Then I can start to repaint!

  3. Cool pictures you made! :D
    I especially like the last one. It seems like it was actually painted that way ^^

    I wish you a happy Easter ^^

    1. Thanks! I like that one too, even if I sometimes see a cupboard in Zipporah's forehead! :D

      Happy Easter, Kirstine!

  4. Happy Easter ^^

    The app looks very fun. You got some great results! :D

    1. Happy Easter to you too! :)

      There is so much out there, among the apps - did not even know this. Will be a fun thing to use now and then. :D

  5. Happy Easter, and spring! :D

    I love playing around with apps, this looked fun!

    1. Happy Easter! And Happy Spring! It feels so good to finally have some warmer days and feel the sun!

      Yes, apps are so much fun - but there are so many different and it is a joy to find the ones that really work! Then you get the feeling of finding gold!


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