Outside the comfort zone

I need to move from the little one to the bigger one of circles.
I have my comfort zone when it comes to most things in life. It becomes a problem when I want to do something adventurous in my life. I have a inner me, who really wants to explore and maybe even put myself into some kind of danger. Well, not so much of danger that something bad will happen, but to test my own boundaries and experience something new. But it always end up with me, myself and I finding a place in the most comfy place in the comfort zone and being happy about it.

This thought about comfort zones put into the hobby, ball jointed dolls - do you have a comfort zone when it comes to dolls?
My soft and cute dolls
When I sit here at my workplace and look at the dolls I have, they all have the girly softness. Round cheeks, cute lips, sparkling eyes, soft face lines, juvenile bodies and everything goes in pastel colors. And there is nothing that - Boom - breaks the soft line of dolls. No dolls with fangs, big ears, tails, animal face, a chubby fairy or one with many legs. 

I would love to change that. I have been looking at the different doll-sites and there are rather many dolls with fangs, big ears, tails, different faces, chubbiness and with many legs. And of course most of these dolls are sold out, but I have stepped outside my comfort zone and started to look. And save. Because suddenly it will happen, love will hit you and I want to be prepared. At the same time I want him or her to fit my resin family. But I think that this will not be a problem, for they are so openhearted my dollies. Or as we say in our family ”I am all in, with all kinds of craziness!”

Ready for the trip to Poland!
Star Wars in LEGO.
Otherwise we are doing well. The girls are in Poland on a trip with the church and confirmation group. I have been at the big LEGO-store and bought some Star Wars tiny figures. Got an extra figure and a poster. And then we have watched the movie ”Star Wars - The Force Awakens”, great one! The weather has been amazing - sunshine, blue skies and almost +20°C. 


  1. Ah comfort zones, I know this one too well!!! I'm always scared to try new things, but it's also true that you can do amazing stuff once you step out of your comfort zone. What we do thatw e even couldn't imagine to do!

    In this hobby everything escaped my comfort zone haha, I never bought anything online before, internet can be so scary at first to buy! and then face ups was really really scary. Now I don't know what would be a game changing experience for me in the hobby, might need to give it some thought.

    And yay you!! So glad you started saving for something different! Hope you find thta perfect doll that has everything you want :) And I'm sure it will be amazing!

    1. Oh those comfort zones, so comfy and so scary to visit the outside. And when others talk about not getting outside their comfort zone, I usually say "see nothing strange happened!" after they tried it. But going there myself, nah, not so much.

      I had some troubles making my first order on the net after hearing so much bad things about internet orders. But I am glad that everything went well then and I think that this makes me stay in the comfort zone, when it comes to ordering dolls from the same place, instead of looking around.

      And yay for me! When I visited other sites I found a beauty (sold out, but it gave me a hint of what I like) in Kid Delf YUL SATYRESSE ver. - MOONLIT SONG FULL PACKAGE Limited. Well, I will surf, visit sites, search and save while I look. And as you wrote, The doll will be found. :) I wish myself happy hunting! :D

  2. It's so great to hear you're stepping outside of that zone, it's really very interesting, I think!
    I can't wait to see what will pop up on your wish list now!

    1. I am so excited! It will lovely to start to look around!

  3. I have so much comfort zones it sometimes annoys me. ^^; I do think I have some sort of comfort zone when it comes to dolls. I've tried the fantasy creatures and such, but they don't work, I think I've found my comfort zone but as well as you, I would want to break that someday when the *right* doll comes ahead. I am thinking about an artdoll.. something different from what I have. :)

    I wish you good luck with your saving and hopefully you'll find the amazing different doll you're looking for. ^__^

    Also, I'm sure your girls have great journey at their confirmation group, I wish you very wonderful weathers! :D We've enjoyed the sun also here in Helsinki!

    1. Thanks! Art dolls are beautiful. I have some favorites among the artists, like Popovy Sisters, Erica Borghstijn, Natalia Bragina....different, but could be nice to own one. Then there are doll making kits too, but that is something I maybe look into in a later future.

      The girls had their best trip ever and they were so glad. Had a lot to tell and show. And the weather - warm and sunny! Almost like summer. At the moment it is really silent and dark. Hot days bring thunder....

  4. Hi Niina,
    I think comfort zones are almost as bad as "Round Tuits", fear and prograstination both stop us from achieving great things. I doubt if there are any amongst us who haven't have been guilty of both, at some time or other.

    Just throw caution to the wind and go for it, perhaps start by purchasing a resin pet for your dolls. Another way to weave an unusual addition into your story is to buy something that could be an imaginary friend who came to life. I'm just a big kid at heart and I love that this hobby allows us to let our imagination run riot and create whatever story we want to with our dolls.

    I'm also sure now you've made the decision to venture out of your CZ you will have lots more unexpected fun.

    1. Hi Xanadu! I could not agree more! Just a hint of questioning yourself and being a bit unsecured about leaving once comfort zone can stop us from making amazing things. WE really should step outside the comfort zones more often and have more fun.

      I love your thoughts - great one to start with, to buy a resin pet or a imaginary friend. It is all about letting the inner child and ones fantasy free! It is time to have fun!


  5. Oh dear, comfort zones. I think all people have them somehow. I know I do when I take pictures of dolls. I keep staying in the safe that I know I execute decently. >_<
    I think expanding your doll collection just a bit, doing something that may not be 100% similar to what you have done so far, but still is something you could be happy with is the best idea. It would be such a waste to end up regretting, if you bought a doll that was too far from what you already have.
    Good luck with it all! :D

    1. Oh yes, we all have our comfort zones!
      I have been looking around and trying to figure out what would suit the rest of the gang I have. In my own thoughts I have a soft faced doll with some different details - ears and maybe legs/feet would be an animals.....she/he would in that way not differ too much. And I would not, as you write, end up regretting the choice of doll. Good to have in mind! :)

  6. Ooh mukavuus lueet vaan on niin mukavia eikä niistä mielellään poistu! Mutta joskus sitä huomaa yllättävän itsensä :3

    1. Totta, olisi niin kiva yllättää itseensä jotenkin! Jännää katsella ja etsiä. Mahdollisuus on yhtä suuri löytää jotain uutta, tai toipua mukavuuden ihaniin paikkoihin! :)

  7. I started out in much the same way. Dolls that look like baby dolls. Nothing wrong with that, if that's what you like. Still if it's something you want to change, I suggest looking at something like impldoll or 5stardoll in addition to dollmore. They have soft dolls, and they also have lovely fantasy dolls. I suggest them, since they might not be a big jump from your current collection. If you find anything you like, share it with us! :D Good luck, and I think your dolls are lovely. Maybe you could add a little gentleman to the mix!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! :) My hubby thought that a gentleman would be perfect for my resin family, so he agrees with you there! :D I have thought about that too. I love "my" Dollmore, so in a way it is hard. But I'm in no hurry. It must feel right and work with the rest. I will know when I find "The Doll", and until that I will have fun looking!


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