”What is that crazy lady doing?”

I could almost see the expressions on the drivers faces, while they passed by the lake Ramsjön and saw me holding up a doll, taking photos, changing to another doll and taking more photos.

But it was a perfect day for a small road trip with three dolls and husband. The late evening before that road trip, I changed their clothes and wigs, getting all sweaty because it was so hot, humid and no breeze at all - even with open windows. The next day, around midday I put the dolls in a grocery shopping bag (so, so sorry - do not own a doll bag or a basket yet) and went outdoors. The thought of having three ball jointed dolls for a big amount of money in a grocery shopping bag made me smile. What would people say?

We have several small places with lakes, forest and paths that are nice to walk and stay at. And when the weather is perfect, as it was that day, you just need to take a trip. It was nice to stand there, in the sun feeling the soft breeze from the lake and hearing the birds sing. It was good medicine for the soul.  

And to answer my own question; That crazy lady is having the best of times. Outdoors, in the sun, with her dolls and husband. Missed the girls though, but they were at school.

PS: We got SNOW today! Gosh!

Ramsjön, a lake in the middle of Bergslagen.
Esther thought the sun was hot and bright.
Much better in the shade.
She has her default white dress on and a handmade
dress by me.
The water was too cold.
Zipporah has the first dress I ever made, by hand.
"Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters, connected by the heart!"
"Oh, look at the blue sky!"
Noomi embracing the nature, she is in her best element
when she is outdoors.


  1. That's an amazing landscape right there, so pretty!!! nd the photos turned out great.

    Love how much nature surrounds you where you live, it does make for gorgeous photos, doll related and not :D

    1. Thanks, Alejandra! The nature here is beautiful and the more north we go, the better when it comes to different nature. I like the south, with the archipelagos and water a lot, so that is why I often seek up a lake or a small river. Need to hear the sound of nature.

  2. What a gorgeous place, the weather looks so lovely too, and those tall trees are very impressive!

    1. Yes, those trees are really high, I almost get dizzy looking up and trying to find the top of the trees. And if the wind blows a bit and makes the trees swing, then you may swing along. I am rather amazed that non of the trees have fallen in the hard storms we have here.

      And it is an amazing place to take your dolls to and take photos. The light is perfect, even on a non-sunny day. :)

  3. The dolls look lovely Niina, and in such beautiful surroundings too! Isn't it nice to have a day to yourself just with hubby and dolls?

    1. Thank you! It is really nice to have those little moments with the dolls and hubby. He had a day of and started to work late that night. It was like the perfect time for a road trip. <3 Hugs!

  4. That looks like such a fabulous spot for photos! I love how they all turned out - cute dolls and beautiful scenery! :)

    1. Hellou and welcome to my blog! And thanks for your comment! I often go to this spot to take photos. And if I want to, I can take a hike in the woods and search for new places. :)

  5. LOL! People are often interested in my dolls. I think it's all about how comfortable you are. People tend to be more accepting of you, if you're authentic and sure of yourself. :)

    I love your photos! They always look so peaceful, and pretty. Your girls are lovely subjects, and you live in a beautiful country! :D

    1. That's so true! Sometimes people just pass by and look, but don't say so much. I think it may look odd to them. The hobby is not so well known around here and I hope for a change in that. :)
      Thanks! I feel that I am getting better and better in taking photos of the dolls and finding the light and being steady in my hands. And the surroundings do help! :D


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