Tuesday, June 28, 2016

26 things about me

I found this at ”Crystal.P!nk” and  thought that it was a wonderful meme. It gives a chance to learn something new about me. If you take the meme (I hope you do), let me know - I wanna read it. I have mixed characteristics and things that I am interested in, in my answers.

Arachnophobic - What is normal with eight legs? Nothing. And they run so fast and you can hear the bigger ones legs scratch the floor, wall and roof when they run. The tiny ones I can handle, but the bigger ones - no way. When a spider is on me, I look like a wind mill in a storm.

Baker - Cakes and cookies! Pies! Yummy, love to make them and especially eat them!

Candy lover - This is something that does not work with the next thing on this meme. But thankfully there is some alternatives, those without sugar.

Diabetic - I got diabetes in 1997 and it changed my life, to the better. I had been so sick for a long time, with aches and I had been tired. Nothing helped even if doctors searched for a reason for me being ill. Until one doctor made some tests. I got medication and are doing well today. I have my ups and downs, but mostly I’m doing good.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer holiday wishes

Someone thinks it is time to pack!
In just a couple of days it is time for lift off. I am trying to keep my head cool, so that I can remember the things I want to have along in my packing. We are going to be away for many weeks, and even if my hubby will travel up home a couple of times to work, I rather have my things along. And even if I am more than okay with just my phone (camera in there), a charger and my three ball jointed dolls, I think that I need more things.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

World Doll Day

Honey Swamp and a curios little dog.
I sometimes think about a story that my mother told me, when I was young. She lived with her mother and her grandmother, both working hard. It was not far to the second world war and my mother was a little girl. She thought that she lived well and she was happy with the few toys she had. Now she had got a new toy. A simple doll, from the early 1930's. I do not remember seeing photos of the doll, but we all can imagine how one could look like.