Some projects!

It has been almost a month since our summer vacation started. So far, so good - it has been a lovely summer. Still have several weeks left to enjoy.

On the hottest day this summer, with +32°C and no breeze I decided to start a little project, that made me all sweaty and frustrated. Needed a little hand fan to keep me cool. And the projects are still going on. One is my Monster High doll Gooliope Jellington and the other one is my Ever After High doll Raven. They have their own stories and one day I will share these. 
Off with her legs!
A little fan in the kitchen cupboard at my mother in law.
Gooliope's legs, clued back on and a bit bumpy.
While the others watched UEFA Euro 2016, I sat in the kitchen
and started a repaint on Gooliope.
Continued the work at our cottage. Borrowed a plastic glove
from the nurses that visit mother in law. Gooliope has it
on her head, to protect the hair.
Gooliope Jellington had, for my taste, too long legs. So I borrowed my father in law’s (may he rest in peace) saw and did some serious measuring, sawing, clueing and filling with model filler. Then it was time to polish and make it all soft and smooth. Right now I am at the point of finding a color that will suit her ordinary pinkish tone. No fun with those gray areas on her legs. Her face is done and I could not resist to use Juri Ueda as a inspiration, again. More pictures in a new post soon.
Fayanna in the forest around our cottage.
Fayanna, my Ever After High Raven, escaped from the Circus Lunaire and she is now living a good life as a troll. Her dream was to live as a ordinary girl, but the change was too much for her. She still looks at bit sad, but she is a happy girl. She still is confident, competent and have big dreams, too.

She needs some clothes, as even Gooliope does. My youngest daughter thought that Fayanna would look nice in short hair. I rerooted her ("Omg, so much hair" said my hubby), and hope to trim her hair a bit.

Fayanna has a soft head, so it was a bit difficult to reroot her. I had thoughts of getting Gooliope a wig, but I need to think about that for a while. I like the pink and yellow color on her, so maybe she will stay that way.
My little paper, where I tested some colors, had a note when I came back.
"Hej Mamma! :)" (Hello Mum!)
To be continued……


  1. Nice projects!! You have such a steady line in your face ups, such a clean look, love them both!! I love the troll hair, I think it looks amazing with so much and so wild hair :D!!

    Hope you keep enjoying your vacations!

    1. Thank you, Alejandra! :) It has been fun, even if I at some points thought "what am I doing, really?" Then I had to put it aside and just let it lay there for a while. Fayanna's ordinary hair was a bad mess, could not fix it at all - so when I found this yarn at the cottage I thought that it will be nice on her. :) Now she is wild and free! :)
      Hope you keep warm!

  2. Hi Niina,

    You did a great job of the face up! I'd like to see a finished full body shot of Gooliope now that you've shortened her legs.

    I love the reroot on Fayanna, the colours are very like forest undergrowth and suitable for a troll. I quite like that it's full and tussled too.


    1. Thank you so much, Xanadu! A full body shot of Gooliope will come in the next post I have about her and the shortening of her! :)
      The yarn I used is so soft and pliable. I really like it. I will start to just trim the ends, not too much, just to clean things up.
      Hugs! <3

  3. Oh I love your feet shortening project! :D It looks nice! I'm sure it's more neat when you've finished. I really like Fayanna's hair, so wild and trolly! I'm glad you're having some dolly time during your holiday <3

    Lähetin tänään sinulle niitä kirjepaperisettejä, pahoitteluni että kesti näin kauan postittaa niitä mutta jotenkin ei vaan ollut asiaa postin suunnalle lainkaan. :D Matkalla on kuitenkin! Ilmoittele kun saapuvat. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Xaya! Have not began to sew clothes yet or paint her legs (mostly the gray area), but hope to do so soon - so that I can post new pictures of her when done. I am glad too, that I have had some time for my dollies! Took two of my BJD's out today.

      Kiitos jo etukäteen! Ei tarvitse ajatella että se olisi ottanut aikaa, kesä on täynnä touhua! :D Kerron sitten kun saapuvat. <3

  4. I'm glad you're having a happy summer! It's so hot here, so I will live vicariously through you! XD

    Lovely projects! You're so creative, and I enjoy seeing your pictures! :)

    1. Thanks Crystal! :) I enjoyed this project and will continue with it. Have painted the gray areas with a base color, white and soon I will paint the second coat and then comes the pink!
      It has been a rather strange summer when it comes to the weather. The nights are rather cold and it is not so warm during the night. No rain, no thunder....and the hottest day was the only one. So I can send some soft and colder breeze to you from here. :)


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