Turning Torso in Malmö.
Hubby and youngest daughter in the picture.
At first we had some plans to just take a road trip to Malmö, a coast city down south and the third largest one here in Sweden and the 6th largest in the Nordic countries. You know, look at the Ribersborg beach, Turning Torso and enjoy a good meal. But suddenly plans changed and we sat on a train that took us over the Öresund Bridge to Denmark. Food at the Bøfhus, strolling on the shopping street Strøget and a visit to the Disney Store!

Copenhagen, busy on a Sunday.
What a store! While I walked around in the store, my hubby made a phone call to his mother and the girls made their own sightseeing. We have been in Copenhagen before, so nothing is new. I like the city - both Malmö and Copenhagen. There is no stress, no hurry and the people are so kind. And the food is so good!
My little shoppingbag. 
`What is it you want to buy?' the Sheep said at last, looking up for a moment from her knitting.

`I don't quite know yet,' Alice said, very gently. I should like to look all round me first, if I might.'
`You may look in front of you, and on both sides, if you like,' said the Sheep: `but you can't look all round you -- unless you've got eyes at the back of your head.'
In the box
Such a lovely little box.
So, back to the store! I found two cute things there. I have for a long time been looking for those Funko Pop figures and I found a set with three! It contains Alice, Chessur and Time in the series POP! DISNEY: ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Totally cute! And I know that you can order these on the net, but you must agree that it is a big difference to walk in a store and feel the things and see them before buying. I think that I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to this. Well, anyway - this was the first cute thing and the second one was the adorable Animators Mini Play set with Merida and Angus.

In this post I will focus on the Funko Pop set. Down the Rabbit Hole we go….
Alice Liddel is known as Alice Kingsleigh in the 2010 film and she is the main character from the original books. She lives a posh lifestyle in the mid to late 1800’s Victorian era of London, England. She is intelligent and sophisticated and far from being afraid. Sadly she does not have any friends, but this does not make her on outcast or loner.
Time is a part human, part clockwork and his home is the Castle of Eternity. It is a giant black castle that from the sky resembles as a big clock. He is the keeper of the Chronosphere, a golden spinning orb that powers the Grand Clock of Time.
The cutest kitty is The Cheshire Cat, known as Chessur in the 2010 movie. The cat raises a lot of philosophical points just to annoy or baffle Alice. In the Disney’s ”Alice in Wonderland” from 1951, he appears as a mysterious and mischievous pink and purple cat with an odd personality. In the modern movies the cat appears as a grey cat with light blue striped eyes, almost as a tabby cat.
Out of the box 
From the back. Alice needs a little stick under her shoes/feet, so that she can stand.
This set is limited to 5 000 pieces and I really like it. It was the only one the store had, so I could not just leave it there. 

Because that would have been mad! 


  1. What beautiful architecture! I love looking at buildings when I travel. Urban exploration! ;) Also what a cute set! I am still looking for a Link of Zelda Funco Pop. My son has a ninja turtle. X')

    1. The most part of Strøget in Denmark and nearby the coast in Malmö has a beautiful and different kind of architecture! Old places, strange houses and different styles are something I like a lot...and ruins - so yes to urban exploration!
      I hope that you find your Zelda! I really like this set and now I am on the hunt for the rest....!

  2. Hey, cool that you was in Denmark! :D
    Those Funko Pop figures are super adorable! :3 I need to buy more Pop figures too haha.

    1. I love Denmark! :D I have been there several times - at the Tivoli, at a concert (1D, because the kids wanted), shopping, eating.....it is so simple to just take the train. Do not even need to take the car, as we did this time as my mother in law lives so near the train station.
      I did not even know that I needed these Funko Pop figures before I saw some on a blog. Made a search and got hooked! :) Totally cute!

  3. What a nice city!! and a Disney Store!!! I want one of those too, I'd live in it :D!!

    I'm not a fan of the Alice movies, but these figures are really nice!! Love Time's back :D very detailed!! Too bad Alice can't stand on her own

    1. Copenhagen is a lovely city and I was amazed that they had a Disney Store. First I thought that I had missed the store because of the closing time, but they had open one hour longer. Lucky me. Walked around there long, one worker came and said that they will close soon. Oh, my - I was not even done! Well, it was fun!
      Oh, I love Alice and the stories! These figures are really detailed, but it is sad that Alice can not stand on her own. But a little stick or tooth pick will do the trick. Do not want her falling on her head! :D

  4. What lovely surroundings and a great trip! :D Denmark seems amazing :O

    Congrats on your awesome Pop figure purchase!!

    1. Thanks Irene, I am so glad that I found these Pop figures! And if you have an opportunity one day to visit Denmark, please do. So much to see and experience!

  5. Hi Niina,
    Oh I fully understand the touchy feel part of buying anything, it's much better than purchasing something on looks alone. (That can too often lead to a very large disappointment) :)

    Great post, lovely Funko Pop figures, super shopping bag and what a wonderful movie that was . . . you know I always enjoy some fantasy.

    1. Hello Xanadu and thanks! It is always more fun to touch and feel when shopping, no disappointments. :) And who can live without a bit of fantasy! Hugs!


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