My first photo of her, in the box.
She came home with me on the 23rd September 2015. I had been in the big city shopping and at the same time I searched for this odd and big Monster High doll. The first time I saw her, I thought that she was too big with her 17 inches and too pink, but with time I started to like her more and more.

And yes, she is pink and tall. Her legs started to bother me and I felt that they were too long for the rest of her body. So I took the saw and fixed that. 
Don't ask. :) Here she is with the model filler on, the gray parts, first layer. 
With one leg bent, on my computer. In some granny pants, looking all fashionable.
Sitting and keeping me company, while I watch some Olympics.
The area with the model filler is painted in pink. 
So far I have sawn, polished, clued, molded and polished some more. Then I got on white primer and made the gray molding less….gray….and then the fun part started. Blending the white and the red, for a perfect pinkish match. 
Flower Power!
Sometimes I feel that the pink is a bit too much and rest my eyes, taking
some black-and-white photos of her instead.
I made her a pair of high waisted knickers. 
Well, maybe not perfect match, but better than the gray one. Today she is 14 inches, instead of those 17. She looks more ”petite” even if her torso may feel a bit long at times. But I am pleased.

She needs some new clothes and I would love to make some Fimo Clay horns to her too. My youngest daughter said that she thinks it is better for me to do the horns at home, in my own peace and quiet. I must agree with her, even if I had my thoughts of doing them here at my mother in law. 

Alejandra tagged me on Instagram with a color themed tag. Got yellow.
To be continued….


  1. She's lovely!! And she has gone through so much with you!! that was quite the surgery you did! and it looks great :D Love the photo you did for the challenge, it's so happy and warm

    1. Thank you, Alejandra! I like her a lot and she really has gone through a big surgery. I have never ever liked broken bones and feel like I will faint, even with the thought of it. So, it was a hard decision to make, but I am glad that I did it.
      Sunflowers and yellow tulips are my favorite flowers. The girls had bought some sunflowers when we travelled to Denmark, so I borrowed one. Yellow is a happy color. :)

  2. That's some great modding that you've done there on that bubblegum pink gal, Niina. :) And I agree with Alejandra, the photo you did for the challenge is so cheerful.

    1. Thanks! It was fun and my first try. But the instructions that followed helped a lot. I was a bit afraid to do this, if the modding stuff would react with the dolls plastic leg. But gladly it did not. I tried to find a pinkish one, but the shop did not have that color.
      There are a lots of meme's and tags, but this one was different. I am glad that I had some sunflowers to borrow. :)

  3. I'm impressed, that's for sure! I would never have made it look alright :P
    She looks great, though! Did you paint her yourself?

    1. Thanks Nikki! It was a bit sweaty at times to get her to this point. And yes, I painted her myself. :) Of course you could have made her look alright! You never know before you try! :)


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