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Summer vacation is over and the schools are open again, for studies and friendship. Our older girl started at something called ”Gymnasieskola”, secondary school. In some places around the world, even called high school. But here the high school is traditionally university. So, one can easily be a bit confused. Secondary education over here is divided in two stages, grades 7-9 and the higher stages, grades 10-12 - she is at grade 10 and our younger girl is at grade 9. 

I’m trying to get the grips here at home. I am so used to things at the cottage and at my mother in law’s, so I feel a bit ’dizzy’ and tired. But even this will pass.

During the summer vacation I had my dolls along and took some photos, like these nearby a golf course. The sport and the players did not interest me so much as the little area of tall trees. 

Cholera graveyard
There is something that may be called an ancient monument in the Edestad parish. This monument is number 90 on a list of places to visit in Blekinge county. 

During the 19th century, Sweden suffered from several cholera epidemics. Blekinge was relatively spared from the first cholera year in 1834, but during 1853-57 the county had a violent course. The number of deaths was large and burials were, because of the risk of contamination, not allowed to take place in ordinary cemeteries. Special places for burial was made, often peripherally located, for the cholera victims. 
Esther sitting on the one fallen tree, looking out over the yard and golf course.
Looking thoughtful.
You could not hear the cars or the golf players. Even if you listened.
Maybe a little selfie?
It was some kind of deep silence over this place, even with the road and golf course so nearby. Sad in some way. Could not stop thinking about the people who suffered and died. No names, no ages, nothing…and then just buried and forgotten.

These places are a piece of our history and I like to visit them, even if it is the darker bits of our history. You learn a lot.


  1. I find that Eshter is perfect calm girl in that place. The big pines and tiny girl, and yes to the selfie too. ^__^ Loving her headband with the bunny ears.

    Walking in places like that old graveyard without any gravestones makes me also feel sad for those who are forgotten. I've always liked to visit graveyards in places I've visited. Think about those people who are buried there, see what kind of nice words their relatives or those who chose their resting place have written in the gravestones. Some graves have titles and some doesn't have even name or date. We who visit these old graveyards give our thoughts for those who are forgotten. :) I agree, you learn a lot while visiting them.

    1. Thanks, I thought so too. She gives that right feeling for a place like that. The headband was a gift from Dollmore, when I ordered her. I got even a united black scarf to go with that.

      I have always liked historical places, old buildings, ghost towns and forgotten ones. Here in Nora, we have an old cemetery and when the sun sets during the first summer months it is so beautiful with the green grass, the silence and the yellow sun beams. And all the words, as you wrote, on the gravestones give a bigger picture of the ones who have left us. Before they were more detailed, but not so much today on the newer grave yards. Hope that will change one day.

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the history of the place, it is incredible how much history can be hidden from our eyes right?

    Esther looks lovely in that outfit, did you do the leggings too? love her dreamy eyes ~

    1. You're welcome! It is true, so much history are hidden from our eyes and without the signs or the information, all this will be lost. And nearby our cottage, there is a lot of places to visit, with lots of stories, myths and some more funny or scary than others.

      Thanks! I made the leggings too. Her eyes are just wonderful, especially when it comes to photos like this. It gives her the thoughtfulness, that is needed. :)

  3. It's definitely thought-provoking to read about all the deaths. Stuff like that triggers my anxiety, so I avoid it, but I admire people who can read such things.
    Esther is very beautiful in the nature setting :)

    1. I can understand that death can be something thought-provoking and trigger both anxiety and sadness. For me it is mostly sad to read about things like this, and at the same time it is interesting. I sometimes think about the thing my great grandmother said once, that "there is no "I must" in life, just death and that only once". That gives me some kind of comfort. It can sound a bit strange, what she said, but she has a point. Life is to be lived, but with out all the "must do" and we all going to leave this place one day....and while living, you go all in to those things you love, avoid the things you don't. I think that she meant that.
      And thanks! I am glad that I took Esther to this place, she is so deep in some way and can be silent and thoughtful.

  4. Hi Niina,
    Good to see you home safe and sound. Lovely photos of the pines, a very majestic reminder of those who's lives were lost so long ago. I think I would much prefer a tree to a headstone any day...alive growing tall and straight, reaching for the heavens. So nice that Esther could appreciate the peace and serenity of her surroundings.


    1. Hellou Xanadu!
      It feels good to be home, even if I miss the cottage and the nature there. It is a long trip, almost 6 hours by car, so you can imagine how tired we were.
      Sounds like a wonderful thought to have a tree instead of a headstone. The trees, on this grave yard, was really tall and straight. Except for one, fallen in the latest storm.
      It was a perfect place for Esther, can think to take her there again and follow the little road beside the grave yard.


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