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Autumn’s first month is here, but we can still taste the sweetness of the summer. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the wind is soft. The nights are rather chilly, so there is definitely a change going on. 
Merida in her box. Took a photo of the box at our cottage.
During our trip to Denmark, we visited the Disney Store. I did not just buy a cute Funko Pop box, but even an Animators Mini Doll set. Could not resist! One of the walls had shelfs filled with Disney Animators’ in all kind of sizes and I did not know which one to pick. Had to make a quick decision when one of the workers came and said that they will close in 10 minutes.
Look at that face, she is up to something!
I picked Merida, from the movie ”Brave” and she was released in the summer 2016, so she was pretty new. I have not seen this movie, yet, but the things I have heard and the trailer makes me think that it is different to the other movies about the princesses. 

Merida is a bit tomboyish and she wants to take control of her own destiny, and yes don’t we all want to do that. She is bold, brave, stubborn and does not seem like an ordinary princess. I like it and I think that we will get along just fine. 
Marida, her doll, Angus, target, arrows, bow, a lyre and a figurine of her family.
Merida can bend her legs very well and Angus can rock.
The doll set is packed in a little handbag-like hard plastic box and in this box you can find Merida, all impish and charming with freckles, her horse Angus (this one really rocks!), two arrows plus the bow and a target, a doll for Merida and a lyre. There is even a dark figurine, that looks like her family. The box reminds me of my childhood, when I owned a little yellow suitcase. Inside I had my pens, paper, eraser, my Sindy doll and my Barbie. On the outside I had stamps that I had collected from different places and shops, mostly those you get for free - because you could behave. It was rather different times back then.
Merida and her wild hair.
On her way to adventure!
Well, anyway. The doll is just 5 inches, 13 cm. A cute little one. I like her just as she is, even if I have seen these Disney Animators’ with tiny obitsu bodies and different face ups. But her hair, so stiff and I wonder what I should do about that….


  1. She's so cute!! and she comes with so many goodies, love the horse and the target!
    It seems opinions about this movie are very divided, some people love it and some hate it. I saw this one in the cinema and I really liked it, but it was later that I started to love it haha
    It's too bad no doll has been able to replicate her true hair like in the movie, but that looks almost impossible right? It was the first thing that attracted me to go watch it

    1. Yes, she really is - and I'm so happy with the goodies too! The other little play sets with these Disney princesses had a lot of goodies too, so you can imagine that it was hard to choose. Pocahontas was so cute too. Well, I know that there will be other trips to Denmark and there is always the shop online! :D
      Our kids have seen this movie at the parish house, on one cinema evening they had and they liked it a lot. It was funny. I need to see this movie, soon!
      The color is rather okay, but there is so much 'stuff' in the hair, so it is not as soft and 'flowy' as one would wish for. But maybe I can do something about that - rinse and curl her hair with some straws and hair pins. :)

  2. Congratulations Niina!
    I loved the movie and your Merida is so cute with lots of props, which makes her perfect for playing with. :)

    1. Thanks Xanadu! I really like these sets and hope that I can find Alice in Wonderland too, some day. And even Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Those props are just amazing in the sets. Hugs! <3


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