Sew fun

Needles to say...
When I went to school and we had classes in handicraft, I thought that it was fun. We got to try to stitch, crochet, knit, color fabric and make tiny cute fluffy Moomin characters. We had even lessons in how to use a sewing machine. 

It was then that crazy thing happened. I was around 12 years old and sat infront a sewing machine. I had my fabrics ready, my thread and I just had to ”hit the gas”. And did I hit the gas! The needle went fast and right through my index finger on the right hand. With thread and all. No blood, but I had a dark blue thread through my finger. And it hurt. I must have been pale and near to faint. My friend helped me and we did not say a thing to the teacher.
So, even if I have diabetes and deal with needles of all kinds on daily basis, there is something with needles in a sewing machine and those you use when sewing by hand. I love to sew, but these needles scare me a bit.

But, anyway. I made some new clothes for Esther. I used a pattern from Antique Lilac and I let the photos talk. I will see if I can make something new to Zipporah too.

Time to iron some, I think.
Skirt and bodice together 
Some details added and a test to see how it looks.
She likes it
Look, buttons!
A little crocheted bag
The new outfit. She was not so keen on the shawl. It is not so cold outside, yet!
Bad daylight, but there she is among some teddies (mine) and even a dragon (my husband's)


  1. Love the clothing, she looks so cute!! I love the fabric you used :3

    1. Thanks Musume! I love the fabric too, it is from "Tilda" ( ) and she has a lot of adorable things.

  2. Hi Niina,
    Oh I understand how you can feel like that about needles. I have never sewn my finger with the sewing machine, but I have often hurt my fingers with the eye end of a fine needle when hand sewing. I know I should use a thimble, but I never do.

    I love your choice of fabrics, they go really well together and the finished dress looks lovely on Esther.

    1. Hello! I should have a thimble on every finger! :D I do own a couple, even a pink one, but I never use them.
      Thanks, I am very pleased with the result and the colors of the fabric suit her well. It was fun to sew again, have not had any time lately. Hope that will change soon. :)

  3. I wonder why I haven't sewn trough my fingers yet! O_O I was so afraid of it when I was at school as we had those factory build machines and they were SO fast and loud! Did you have any scars from the sewing in your finger? Ouch, that must've hurt! I feel the itch in my fingertips each time I sew.

    I love Eshter's new dress! Lovely fabrics and the lace and button tie everything together beautifully. Also, I love the bag, so cute girl and ready for autumn. ^__^

    1. You can be glad that you have not sewn trough your fingers yet! Hope you never do. And this factory build machines can be loud and fast. Scary things - better with a small and slow one.
      I had one little and one big hole on my index finger for a while, until the nail grew and the scar healed. There is nothing on the nail, but on the soft side there is a little spot.
      Thanks! Glad you like it. Esther is like a cute candy now. So soft and with pastel colors. :D

  4. As I was reading your story I literally screamed (even my mom asked if I was okay, when no one ever asks me XD). That's one horror story! And to think I was scared of the needle breaking and leaving me blind XD now I'm even more scared to the sewing machine x.x..........

    Love the new dress and the bag!!! and everything really. Love the choice of fabrics! Some people say you shouldn't mix patterns, but you make it work wonderfully! those colors really help each other and they look lovely on your girl

    1. Oh my, didn't mean to scare you! But it sure can feel as a horror story. I'm very careful when I use the sewing machine and take the foot of the pedal if I need to adjust the fabric or thread. Do not want to make that mistake again.

      Thanks! I love to mix fabrics, as longs as there is a base color that matches (almost) and something that breaks the two different fabrics, as a white lace in this dress :) Some even mix patterns! Not these soft kinds, but those really crazy ones - even on humans. :D


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