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A seasonal magazine, ready to embrace You, Dolls and the Holidays of Autumn
Last night I browsed on the doll blogs and found a great post at Xanadu Dolls, "Did You Know?". And of course I wanted to join this fun "meme" to celebrate the ongoing season - with First Day of Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Pumpkins! And the 17 years of the modern BJD.

I would love to see your magazine cover too! Let me know if you take this "meme". Here are some thoughts, that I copied from Xanadu!

1. You need to think of a name for your magazine.
I named my magazine "Jolly Dolly", because the doll hobby is very fun and something to enjoy. 

2. Choose a theme 
Autumn and the festivities that we celebrate during this season.

3. Take an appropriate photo using your own BJD's.
Zipporah is the cover girl with a fabric soft pumpkin made by my youngest daughter, a big pumpkin painted by my oldest daughter and some oats. She is sitting by one of our windows, down stairs. Esther is posing for the article about fashion for Autumn and Halloween.

4. Use your own editing programme (let us know which one you used).
I used Moldiv and PicMonkey, two apps on my iPhone and computer, with lots of stickers and extras.

5. Most of all . . . have fun!
This was fun! Let's do one for Christmas, Easter, Summer......too! Hehe, anyway - it was a great break this day.


  1. Great cover!!! Can't believe you did this on your phone, you are a technology magician!!!

    1. Thanks and LOL! That's a funny titel, technology magician! Oh, I just love my apps and phone! I learned my kids to use a spoon to eat, they learn me how to use apps. Haha!

  2. Oh I love the name you chose for your magazine Niina, Jolly Dolly is a great name! I can't believe you managed this just using apps, well done! It really looks great and I am so glad you enjoyed doing it. :)

    1. Thanks Xanadu! :) For a long time ago, when I had a very local little news flyer, I used all kinds of programs like Paint, Power point and Frontpage. Things have happened since then and I am so happy about these apps. :)

  3. Hello! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. I always enjoy meeting new doll owners! I'm glad you participated in this too. I've been hoping a few people would as I love these memes or memes in general! It's my weakness!

    Love your cover. I like the Halloween theme. We don't celebrate it much where I am so it's great to see other people do. I particularly love the name and catch phrase for the magazine!

    1. Hellou and welcome to my blog! It is always great to surf from one blog to another and meet new people!
      Thanks, this meme was a different one from all the others and to participate in new ones - well, one can get addicted! :D

  4. Aww, I love your magazine cover!!! Definitely need to do this!


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