The Dolly Tag: 20 Questions

I was tagged by Alejandra at Fantasywoods. A big thank you for that! You can read her answers here. And mine comes here!

1.How long have you been collecting?
When it comes to BJD’s, I ordered my first in the end of January in 2011. But I have collected other things a lot longer, since my childhood. In the early beginning I had a thing (and still do) for paper dolls. Collected, bought and even made some myself.
Some of my collection
2.What do you collect?
At the moment I collect BJD’s, Monster High/Ever After High, Sonny Angels, Toy Cars and Mini Lego Figures.

3.How many dolls do you have?
I have 3 BJD’s, 10 MH/EAH, 16 Sonny Angels and several Lego Mini Figures and Toy Cars.

4.Which of your collections are you the most proud of? Why?
My little BJD-collection of three dolls. First of all, they are so beautiful and to find something you really love after several years of waiting, searching, reading and comparing - that is really something. 

Zipporah and her Mr Raccoon.
5.Which single doll cost you the most money? (Relatively and literally)
Zipporah. She is a Narsha Girl, Limited Edition. And I added a dress to that order, so…but my order with my Mokashura doll and some extra clothes, wig, make up, blushing on the body did do some damage on my wallet. 

6.Which doll line is your favorite to collect and why?
I like my Narshas, a little tiny girl of 35 cm (14-15 inch). These dolls fit in my bag and are so easy to work with. And they are so cute with the bigger ears and that nose.

7.What made you want to collect dolls?
I have always had a big heart for dolls and teddies. I do not see them just as toys to kids, especially the BJD’s. It is more of a art-thing. You can use these to so much - photography, build up stories, make clothes and accessories and it really is just your fantasy that stops you. And you can even make your own from scratch. So I went from paper dolls to BJD’s…during a almost 'lifetime'. Haha.
Most wanted, right now.
8.Which is your most wanted doll right now?
I have two. Even if I visit different sites and see all these beautiful dolls, I end up to these two every time. 

9.Which of your previously most wanted dolls do you have now?
Zipporah. I was after a tan doll, someone to be friends with my first doll Esther. I waited, searched, got frustrated and suddenly Dollmore had one. A limited one. That was the one and only doll I bought without any hesitation. Had to have her. 

10.What is the most dolls you have gotten at once?
I got my three BJD’s during a range of couple of years, so that does not count. It is a bit different when it comes to MH/EAH or the Sonny Angels. Those are cheaper ones and you can buy many. One time I bought three in one shoppingbag and went home happy with Apple White, Madeline Hatter and one more doll. 

11.Which is your least favorite doll?
In my collection - well, Venus McFlytrap. I really wanted her then, but now... I feel sorry for her, just sitting there under the orchid without any company, all forgotten. Hope to bond with her soon. She is so pretty and green. 

12.Which of your dolls has the best story (in your life and in theirs?)
The first one is always the best one, yes? Well, waiting for Esther was a big deal. I almost lost my mind and when she finally arrived, it was like being high on something. I was so happy and she was so delicate. Tiny and cute, 'spiced' with cinnamon (her story). 

13.What do you do with your dolls?
I make clothes to them, take photos and Blog/Instagram/Flickr about it. 

14.Are there any other collections that you want to start?
Oh my, yes! Pullip, Blythe, Pure Neemo…

15.Which of your dolls would you most like to be? Why?
Oh, well. I do not know. It made me think about Sada Vidoo, a living and singing doll. She is a songwriter and a musical artist, very different. She looks like a doll, her movements reminds me of a doll. Exotic in a way and even vulnerable. If I could be one doll, I think that I would not choose among the ones I have, but among one of the dolls at Dollmore, a Dear Doll Girl - Awakening Crow : Shabee.

16.Do people know that you collect dolls/toys?
The closest ones does and some of my acquaintances too. One of my older workmates started to follow my Instagram account, but I think it was too much dollies for him so he left silently….gave me a good laugh. One friend thinks that these dollies are really creepy, so I try not to scare her with too much dolls. 

17.Does your family support your collection?
Yes they do. They see that I am glad, enjoy it and have found a place to breathe and get energy from. It is not just a collection, the dolls (and other collectibles) give you something back, that makes me (and maybe even you, with your collection) to enjoy life a little bit more. Sometimes my oldest daughter can lead me away from stores and websites and just say ”no, mum!” I found a cute doll at a Navy Museum ( Lottie Doll ) that I thought could suit as a toy to Noomi, but my daughter was not so happy about that. Save the money to something else, later on, please, was her loving thought. 

18.What was your first doll/toy collection that you can remember? Do you still have them?
I had a Barbie and a Sindy. I bought them at a grocery store that had a section with toys. I was the happiest little girl ever. These dolls I saved for a long time and when my two girls where ready, they got them. Today I hope that the dolls are doing well. Some years ago we shipped them with some clothes to Moldavia during a politically supported whip-round. 
Ghoul Yelps and Sonny Angel Reindeer. 
19.Which doll started each of your collections?
Esther, a Dollmore Narsha started my BJD-collection. Ghoulia Yelps, a Freaky Fusion, was my first MH and a brown Reindeer Sonny Angel, when it comes to those dolls was the first one.

20.What is your favorite place to shop for dolls?
Dollmore. All my three BJD’s come from there. I do look around and find different sculpts, and save these links for later on. But almost certain, I end up ordering from Dollmore. When it comes to other dollies, I buy them from toy stores (not online) and the Sonny Angels I order from a Swedish shop called Blue Box.

That was it! Hope that you enjoyed your time reading. Take a cup of coffee or something else nice to drink to wake up, if it was too 'boring'. Haha!
And now, dear readers, I tag:
Xanadu and Jan


  1. Great read as always! Loved the photos too~ Sonny Angels are so cute, but they don't sell them here, or at least I haven't seen them.

    When I wa slittle my mom used to draw me girls in underwear so I could make paper dolls with them and I would draw all the clothes~ it was so much fun! definitely one of the memories I cherish the most from my childhood.

    And I totally get you going to the same company for BJD sculpts over and over again, I'm always looking around companies but then I find myself wanting a soom doll or a Peak's Woods XD

    Hope you can get a new resin member soon~

    1. Thank you! :)
      The store that sells the Sonny Angels here, take in just a little amount and these cuties go fast. Especially the limited ones during different holidays. It is just this place Blue Box, that sells them as far as I know. Here in Sweden, that is.
      Oh, paper dolls - that is something to remember from ones childhood. Love that your mom made you the dolls and you made the clothes.
      Haha, ain't that so - we all have our favorites when it comes to sculpts! :D
      I hope so too, that I can get a new resin member soon! Thumbs up to that!

  2. Your most wanted dolls are very pretty, I realized that I barely check Dollmore! I should watch them more. And it is great that your family supports your hobby!
    Ghoulia is one of the prettiest MH <3

    Loved reading your answers!!

    1. Yes, they are :) Even if the Catish doll are a bit different to the collection I have, but she still is gorgeous and may start a new kind of collection in the BJD's. I'm glad that there is some left of her, being a LE.
      I'm glad too, it would not work at all if they didn't support. That is the most important support, from the dearest ones.
      Ghoulia is one of my favorites. When the youngest girl started to read the magazines and collect the dolls, I really liked Ghoulia.
      And thanks! <3 :)

  3. This is a great questionaire. I may steal it, even though I haven't been tagged XD
    Great photos you have shared! <3

    1. Yes, absolutely - steal it! :D Look forward to read your answers! <3
      And thank you! :)

  4. I love reading answers to these memes. I see you are a MH/EAH collector too! I love that you can buy them off the shelf and take them home straight away unlike bjds! Have you see the photos of the new Lady Gaga MH doll?

    Dollmore have some really lovely dolls. I never got a chance to order any of their dolls and sadly my bjd collection is at maximum capacity right now so I can't order anymore unless I decide to sell someone.

    The Narsha line in particular are so adorable and cute.

    You know once you start with one Pullip, Blythe or Pureneemo, they tend to multiply! I never intended for my Pureneemo collection to get so crazy!

    Nice getting to know you more through this meme.

    1. Thanks Alasse, memes and tags like this is a good way to learn about other collectors and oneself! :)

      No, I have not seen the Lady Gaga MH Doll, need to start looking (had to google - that is one doll I need to have….and even Gwen Stefani’s Kuu Kuu Harajuku!). I went on a crazy hunt when the big girl Gooliope Jellington came to stores here. And in the beginning I thought that I just would have a couple of MH/EAH dolls. Did not work so well, haha!

      I like Dollmore a lot. Have some favorites at Iplehouse, MyDolling and JerryBerry’s too.

    2. I know right? I've actually stopped collecting MH/EAH dolls or at least new ones but when I saw that Lady Gaga doll, I knew I had to try and see if I could get my hands on it too.

      I know exactly how you feel. I only wanted a small modest group of 5 MH dolls and 1 EAH doll ... ahem .. I now have 17 MH girls and 5 EAH girls. I haven't got any of the big girls though. The only one I was curious about was Elissabat but they never released her here in Australia or at least in the shops where I live.

      JerryBerry dolls are so adorable but I cannot start yet another doll line. I'm already pushing it with Momoko dolls!!

    3. Yes, I know the feeling - I have tried to stop but almost every time I walk by a toy store or a store with toys, I must peek to see if there is something new, cute, old...once my hubby got a good laugh when he saw me, an adult, and two tiny girls looking at MH/EAH. I was all "oh my so wonderful, dollies!" and the girls looked at me rather strangely. They sure wondered if I should not be somewhere else - among the coffee, milk, bread and stuff. :D

      Elissabat would be lovely to own as a big girl. And Draculaura. Here they just released Gooliope.

      Too many dolls and too little! Those Momoko dolls are sweet! <3

  5. Yay for reading more of this questionnaire! :3
    Oh yes do consider Pullips -evil laughter- ~
    It's interesting to see how relatively small you've kept your collections, it's so easy to buy more dolls when the dollies are smaller!

    1. Yes yay! :D And oh my - Pullips are on my mind and heart almost too much! But so far it feel so right. :) I am amazed too, that I have managed to keep my smaller collections...just small. But I think that I am a little bit picky too, when it comes to choosing dolls to those collections. But you never know, suddenly I can loose it totally....haha! :D

  6. Hi Niina,
    I do so love reading these memes (not so hot about doing them myself though). Love the photos and understand your love of Dollmore, I adore my Narsha. I have a variety of BJD dolls, but am so glad I have managed to contain myself when it comes to other dolls, though I do admire the collections of others.

    1. Hellou! :) I would live to have some variety in my BJD collection - some smaller, some bigger and some fantasy. With stories that connects them all. :)
      Memes are so fun and interesting- to answer and to read!


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