Monday, October 24, 2016

A day out

It has been a rainy weekend, but even though a good weekend. Soon it is time for bed and a good nights sleep. A new week is around the corner, with lots of new possibilities. Let's hope so. 

Even if I felt a bit 'under the weather', I wanted to take a little trip by car to the lake and take some photos. It was cold and windy, but very nice. The nature smells good now. It was relaxing to enjoy it and just breathe in....and breathe out. I took some photos while breathing. 

Here they are. Enjoy and have a nice new week!

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Dolly Tag: 20 Questions

I was tagged by Alejandra at Fantasywoods. A big thank you for that! You can read her answers here. And mine comes here!

1.How long have you been collecting?
When it comes to BJD’s, I ordered my first in the end of January in 2011. But I have collected other things a lot longer, since my childhood. In the early beginning I had a thing (and still do) for paper dolls. Collected, bought and even made some myself.
Some of my collection
2.What do you collect?
At the moment I collect BJD’s, Monster High/Ever After High, Sonny Angels, Toy Cars and Mini Lego Figures.

3.How many dolls do you have?
I have 3 BJD’s, 10 MH/EAH, 16 Sonny Angels and several Lego Mini Figures and Toy Cars.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jolly Dolly - just a magazine

A seasonal magazine, ready to embrace You, Dolls and the Holidays of Autumn
Last night I browsed on the doll blogs and found a great post at Xanadu Dolls, "Did You Know?". And of course I wanted to join this fun "meme" to celebrate the ongoing season - with First Day of Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Pumpkins! And the 17 years of the modern BJD.

I would love to see your magazine cover too! Let me know if you take this "meme". Here are some thoughts, that I copied from Xanadu!

1. You need to think of a name for your magazine.
I named my magazine "Jolly Dolly", because the doll hobby is very fun and something to enjoy. 

2. Choose a theme 
Autumn and the festivities that we celebrate during this season.

3. Take an appropriate photo using your own BJD's.
Zipporah is the cover girl with a fabric soft pumpkin made by my youngest daughter, a big pumpkin painted by my oldest daughter and some oats. She is sitting by one of our windows, down stairs. Esther is posing for the article about fashion for Autumn and Halloween.

4. Use your own editing programme (let us know which one you used).
I used Moldiv and PicMonkey, two apps on my iPhone and computer, with lots of stickers and extras.

5. Most of all . . . have fun!
This was fun! Let's do one for Christmas, Easter, Summer......too! Hehe, anyway - it was a great break this day.