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Happy New Year!

It is the last day of the year 2016 and it has been a rather good year, health wise. My sugar levels are better now and I feel that I am slowly taking control of it. When it comes to my anxiety and depression, it has been okay too. Not good, but I have survived. I still have full medication and will probably have it for a while. Compared to the first year, this has been marvelous year.
It has been slow, when it comes to my hobbies. Have not bought any new ball jointed beauties, even if I have seen some adorable ones. But I found an Animator doll, Merida, a Barbie (that was a surprise, that I bought one) and some Funko Pops. 
I wish that I would have found some more time to paint and sew, but there was always the opportunity to do more tomorrow, mañana. 
I do not make any New Years resolutions, because those often get heavy and more of a burden. But I will promise to do my best and make the most of the coming year.  There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind – CS Lewis…

Two Pop!

These two have been standing beside my computer ever since they arrived some days after Black Friday. I have had my eyes on the McTwisp since I last visited Denmark. The Disney Store in Copenhagen did not have it, so I had plans to order it through the internet. But I had no luck at all.

And...the Holidays are here!

Our Christmas Eve has turned to Christmas Day. It has been some busy days or should I just say weeks, and I have not (sadly) had any time over for my dearest dolls. All my energy have gone to preparing for the Holidays. Food, gifts, cards, decoration and more. That's why my hubby often say that the day after our Christmas Eve, is the best. All 'fuss' is over.
Every year I promise myself to take it easy, prepare early and focus on the most important things - family, love and happiness. Even if these are in my mind and I do all the preparing based on it, I still run around like a 'hen without a head'. I do not know why we say that here in Sweden, but it means that you run around without any goals or direction. And it makes you very tired. 
I have always enjoyed Christmas, though the 'hen thing', but not the last couple of years. My mother passed away on Christmas Eve 2014 and the mess with the inheritance made deep scars on my soul. It has an effect, but I h…

„La Isla de Las Munecas“

Before I go to sleep, I usually read something short enough to keep me concentrated and awake. For some evenings ago, I read an article about „La Isla de Las Munecas“. I had heard about it, but never really got deeper in to the story. 
But this time, surfing the net, I ended up on a newspaper page with different short stories about strange places in the world. There was deep caves under water, burning holes in the ground and other stories. This one, about some dolls on a island caught my eye. 
About an hour from the Mexico City lies Isla de las Munecas, the Island of the Dolls. It is a chinampa, a floating garden and is in Xochimilco. On the island lived a man named Julian Santana Barrera and he was a native of the La Asuncion neighborhood. He was a loner and lived on the island all by himself. 
There is a legend that tells that Julian found a little girl drowned in mysterious circumstances in the canals. He also found a doll floating in the water, nearby the girl. He assumed that th…