Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Pop!

Box opening. Got even a sticker, wishing me a heavy x-mas.
It made me laugh. Needed that.
These two have been standing beside my computer ever since they arrived some days after Black Friday. I have had my eyes on the McTwisp since I last visited Denmark. The Disney Store in Copenhagen did not have it, so I had plans to order it through the internet. But I had no luck at all. 

Then, after talking to a friend in Finland about Funko Pop!, she gave me a link to a shop that had many different figurines and other collectibles. Surfed on their site for a while and thought that I will not have any money left at all if I would order all the things I thought I wanted. 

"Oh my, have you ordered these! Looove the Red Queen! Of with their heads!"
That was my youngest daughter's reaction when she saw these two.
In a hurry!
Searching for heads?
Just missing the Mad Hatter in this collection.
Bought Time, Alice and Cheshire earlier.
So, I waited. When the Black Friday sales started I ordered McTwisp and Iracebeth right away and saved a lot of money. Happy me! And they arrived fast, but it took some time for me to post about it here. 

Both are in a very good condition and well made. They can stand and I really like the details. McTwisp is rather tiny, but those rabbits usually are. The White Rabbit works for the Red Queen, but is also a secret member of the Underland Underground Resistance. He was sent by the Hatter to search for Alice. 

Iracebeth is a pale beauty and her hair details are just something else. Iracebeth of Crims is her name, but she is known as The Red Queen. She is a tyrannical queen of Underland and has a bloodthirsty personality. She sentences people and animals to be beheaded for almost what ever. She has a sister, Mirana the White Queen and they have a difficult relationship.

Now I am just looking for the Mad Hatter in this series, "Alice through the Looking Glass". Wish me luck! 


  1. How nice! You have so many characters now, hope you find the Mad Hatter soon!! I will keep an eye for you :D

    1. I hope so too and thanks for keeping an eye for me! :)

  2. Oh wow, didn't know you were collecting pop vinyls as well! I love the dolls of this series. I have all of them except for Time. I wasn't sure if I wanted him or not plus I am running out of room to display all my pop vinyls!

    Congrats on being able to bring these two home. I love the design of them. The Red Queen is my favourite and the Cheshire cat. I had a bit of trouble finding him but I did in the end.

    I have Mad Hatter but from the original movie not this one. He has trouble standing on his own because of his big hat! Hope the one from the second movie stands better. He's hard to find here as well.

    Good luck on your search. Hope you find him. The only online stores I know of that sell the Pop dolls only ship to Australia as they are Australian sites.

    1. It started about a year ago, when I during the holiday shopping looked at some pop vinyls at the toy stores nearby. Of course with out any luck. Then I started to search on the internet and fell for McTwisp. Had plans to buy him at the Disney store in Denmark, but did not find him. Came home with three others in the same series. Haha! :D

      Time is a beauty. Like the details in the back. And I am extra happy that I found the Cheshire cat. Mad Hatter is my favourite, and I really hope I can find him. The store I bought McTwisp and Iracebeth had him before, so...thanks, I will need some luck. :D

      Searching is half the fun! :)

  3. What a great collection, and so close to completion x3 I totally adore the rabbit and cheshire cat from this series a lot ;_; ~
    Thanks for your review also :D
    Happy New year!!

    1. Thank you! The rabbit and the cheshire cat are cute! They look a bit different to the other series and I like that.
      Happy New Year!

  4. Good luck on your quest! They are too cool! :D


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