And...the Holidays are here!

With this little photo, I wish you Happy Holidays!
Our Christmas Eve has turned to Christmas Day. It has been some busy days or should I just say weeks, and I have not (sadly) had any time over for my dearest dolls. All my energy have gone to preparing for the Holidays. Food, gifts, cards, decoration and more. That's why my hubby often say that the day after our Christmas Eve, is the best. All 'fuss' is over.

Every year I promise myself to take it easy, prepare early and focus on the most important things - family, love and happiness. Even if these are in my mind and I do all the preparing based on it, I still run around like a 'hen without a head'. I do not know why we say that here in Sweden, but it means that you run around without any goals or direction. And it makes you very tired. 

I have always enjoyed Christmas, though the 'hen thing', but not the last couple of years. My mother passed away on Christmas Eve 2014 and the mess with the inheritance made deep scars on my soul. It has an effect, but I hope that it will get better and better. I need to get some kind of closure, still not knowing what kind though. 

This feels deep. But my heart tis filled with joy that I have my nearest and dearest around me. We make the best of it. Step by step and it will be alright. I wish you, my friend, a marvelous Holiday!

Christmas Past

Each Christmas I remember
The ones of long ago;
I see our mantelpiece adorned
With stockings in a row.

Each Christmas finds me dreaming
Of days that used to be,
When we hid presents here and there,
For all the family.

Each Christmas I remember
The fragrance in the air,
Of roasting turkey and mince pies
And cookies everywhere.

Each Christmas finds me longing
For Christmases now past,
And I am back in childhood
As long as memories last.

(Written by Carice Williams)


  1. My dad passed on Christmas Eve 2012, so I can empathize. While I have a joyful heart, it is a painful memory. I always light a candle for my parents on Dia de los Muertos or on Christmas to remember them, and have their spirits with us at the holidays.

    Here in America we say Running around like a chicken with no head. xD No gender attachment, but the same meaning. I tried to take it a bit slower this year, so I can enjoy myself. Still, I feel like I did a nice job with my gift giving, and I'm more worried about giving than receiving this year!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    I'm glad my gift arrived safe!

    1. Thank you and sorry for your loss.
      It really is a balance between the sorrow and the joyful memories. Even if my mother and I had not the best relationship, she still was my mother. We had some mutual interest like cross stitching, the ocean and reading that made us bond. She enjoyed Christmas and collected different kinds of Santas.

      I often fix all the gifts by myself, but this time I took some help from my hubby and kids. Some of the relatives we have, ‚have it all’ so it can be hard to find a good gift. But I am happy that I could send of all, even if a bit late. I hope that my gift find its way to you.

      Happy Holidays to you and your beloved ones. Enjoy!

  2. Sad to read what happened, I'm sorry for your loss. I do hope everything related fixes up.

    I think that in here we have the same saying Crystal pointed from America, and without gender too xD

    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

    1. Thank you and I hope so too - even this will pass.
      I think that we have a lot of gender in the most sayings. We have even one about the rooster on the haystack - meaning that you will be the leader of some kind. :D
      Hope that you had a nice Christmas!

  3. I'm sorry to read about your mother. It is hard to lose a parent. Be assured her spirit is with you. I can tell you from experience, it does get better and that she'll always be in your thoughts and hearts but as time goes on, you will remember the happy times and smile more and more. It will take time though.

    After all the pre-Christmas running around, I hope you were still able to enjoy the effort you put in on Christmas Day and that you were able to make some happy memories to look back on.

    Your Pre-Christmas sounds like mine. I'm often glad it's over for another year by the end of it!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much. It really is hard to lose a parent and I hope that it will get better. My counselor who I visited, said that I should let things take time. A deacon, who is even a good friend and a bit older, said that it is even ok to by angry when sad things happen in life. All feelings must come out and they will in time. Then it gets better, step by step.
      Today was a calm and nice day, the whole family was home and we could enjoy the holiday spirit. Hope that your Christmas was a good one!

  4. I'm so sorry about your mother and the whole inheritance mess that came after. I hope every year it passes it gets easier for you and also less tiring. Christmas should be about enjoying family's company and not about stressing out in shopping malls running around for last minute plans, but I somehow end up just like you every single year.

    I wish you the best for the year that is coming!

    1. Thank you Alejandra! I hope so too, time can be in some way healing. And I hope that those bad memories just get foggier and the good ones take place. Remember things with a smile is so much easier. I am glad that we as a family will be together during New Years. Enjoy, be happy and eat a lot of good food!
      Best wishes for 2017!

  5. Hi Niina,
    I feel for you. I lost my dad on Christmas day and I know exactly what the aftermath can be like and how it can haunt and dampen one's Christmas spirit if one let's it. I have come to terms with it now, but it's taken six years.

    Sometimes all the running around like a chook without a head can be a blessing in disguise, it helps keep ones mind more focussed on the happy things, even though they are a lot of work. :)

    We bought a new Christmas tree to decorate this year and mark new beginnings which were enhanced by a new addition this year . . . my grandson's new girlfriend joined us to celebrate Christmas day.

    Keep happy Niina,
    Big hugs,

    1. Hello Xanadu and thanks!
      Step by step, it will get better, I am sure about it. I have ‚survived‘ so far and I need to let other good spirits carry me instead. I know that it is the better way, but sometimes the opposite is stronger. And there is a point there, running around like a hen without a head really keeps your mind on something else! To do something new, as you did, bought a new Christmas tree can be a good way to go. Happy that you had some new company too this holiday!
      Happy 2017 to you and yours!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I didn't lose my mother on Christmas, but I do know, that it's tough getting though.
    I hope you are doing well, and that you got some good times with your family, and that you could relax a bit in the days after Christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you as well!

    1. Thanks Nikki, it is always tough getting through life changing things like loosing someone. I am doing well and are looking forward to New Years, when we all are at home and yesterday and todays has been nice and calm.
      Wish you a very good 2017!


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